New York CLE Requirements and Compliance Information

What is New York's CLE requirement?

New York requires attorneys to complete 24 hours of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) every 2 years. The 24 NY CLE hours must include 4 hours of legal ethics and professionalism, and 1 hour of diversity, inclusion & elimination of bias.

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When is my New York CLE deadline?

New York attorneys must complete their CLE requirement within 30 days after their birthday on alternate years.

How do I report my New York CLE compliance?

The New York Bar will mail you an attorney registration form by your birthday. Complete this form by certifying that you have completed your CLE requirement for that reporting cycle and that you have kept the proper documentation. You do not need to mail in your certificates or report the individual courses you have completed.

What if I'm a newly admitted attorney in New York?

Newly admitted attorneys in New York must complete at least 16 transitional CLE courses in each of the first two admission to the Bar. These include 3 hours of ethics and professionalism, 6 hours of skills, and 7 hours in law practice management and/or areas of professional practice.

Effective 2016, New York newly admitted attorneys can complete all 14 of their law practice management and/or areas of professional practice CLE hours online with LexVid.

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What if I've been inactive or exempt for part of my New York CLE cycle?

New York attorneys who were not practicing law at the beginning of their reporting cycle or at the end of their reporting cycle are subject to a pro rata CLE requirement equaling 1 hour for each month they were practicing. However, attorneys who take a break from practicing law in the middle of their reporting cycle are subject to the full CLE requirement.

What if I don't comply by my New York CLE deadline?

The names of attorneys who fail to comply with their CLE requirement may be submitted to the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division for disciplinary action.

What if I take a continuing legal education course outside of the state of New York?

A New York attorney may earn credit for attendance of an out-of-state course provided that the course is accredited by a New York Approved Jurisdiction. You can find the list of New York Approved Jurisdictions here:

How are New York continuing legal education credit hours calculated?

One CLE credit hour is awarded for each full 50 minutes of instruction, and in increments of 25 minutes thereafter.

Can I carry over extra credit hours in New York?

Yes, New York allows up to a maximum of 6 hours (including Ethics and Professionalism courses).

How long do I need to keep my New York CLE certificates?

New York attorneys must maintain their records of CLE program completion for a period of at least four years from the date of the course or program. All of your LexVid certificates of completion can be found at

How can I contact the New York State CLE board?

The New York State CLE Board's email address is

What if I have more questions about New York CLE?

Check our help center:, shoot us an email at or give us a call at 1-877-327-1226. We look forward to hearing from you!

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