Understanding Asset Protection Tools and Planning

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Understanding Asset Protection Tools and Planning
Understanding Asset Protection Tools and Planning

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Course Credit Hours: CA 1.25
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Course Description

A thorough understanding of asset protection methods is a key component of estate and business planning. In this program, Douglass Lodmell presents the tools and information you need to educate your clients in this complex area of law and shares his unique insights on how to make AP a core component of your practice utilizing the Bridge Trust®. Topics covered include; Understanding Offshore Options: Offshore LLC’s, Foreign Asset Protection Trusts (FAPT), and when these are appropriate for your clients. Understanding the Domestic tools: Corporations, Limited Partnerships, LLC’s, Domestic Asset Protection Trust (DAPT), irrevocable trusts, and when these tools apply to your clients. Understanding unique and specific tools like the Bridge Trust® which combines the protection of an offshore structure with the simplicity of a domestic trust.

Length: 1hr 8min

Member Reviews

I found speaker Douglas Lodmell outstanding. He opened up my concepts of Asset Protections & Trusts, with the Hybrid he created with the foundation created by his father. I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I want to thank you & him for making this course available. I learned a lot!
- Charles W.
Very interesting topic - thank you!
- Cory D.
The best presentation I've seen on LexVid so far.
- Charles C.
The BEST CLE course I have taken. I don't practice in this area of law, but this course was so enlightening. He made a difficult area of law approachable and understandable. He also made you want to know more. Excellent! Thank you.
- Rennie R.
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Meet the Lecturer(s)

Douglas Lodmell

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, attorney Douglass S. Lodmell has the highest level of experience in estate planning, taxation and strategic asset protection for domestic and international clients. In addition to a Juris Doctorate from Cardozo School of Law, Douglass has a Bachelor of Science degree in finance as well as an advance law degree (LL.M.) in taxation from NYU School of Law. He has authored numerous articles for professional journals as well as a popular book about the explosion of lawsuits in America called The Lawsuit Lottery: The Hijacking of Justice in America. Doug’s extensive experience in asset protection make him a frequent guest speaker at medical, and professional conferences and seminars throughout the country, as well as teaching concepts of asset protection to other attorneys at continuing legal education seminars throughout the country. For information on inviting Doug to speak at your group, meeting or convention contact Coletta Anderson at Coletta@www.lodmell.com.


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