Chapter 7: The Initial Consult

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Like most types of law, practicing bankruptcy law involves much more than an understanding of legal standards and current case law. This program takes a different approach than the typical bankruptcy law course, focusing less on substantive law and more on the implementation of consumer bankruptcy law and how to deal with the real-world situations that your clients will bring you. It is a must-see for new and prospective bankruptcy attorneys.

Length: 1hr 6min

Member Reviews

Probably one of my favorite Lexvid classes. Super practical and informative. The instructor was incredibly engaging, and his passion about the area of law shined through the presentation. I feel like I retained a lot of what I heard, and was never bored, which almost never happens with a CLE.
- Julie K.
Great presenter. Solid presentation with practical information. Well done.
- Jaime S.
Wow! This attorney was a great teacher! I had no interest in bancruptcy law, but I was rivited to this video. Good job
- Terrence M.
Perfect for someone just getting into bankruptcy law!
- Daniel E.
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Meet the Lecturer(s)

Daniel Gershburg

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Daniel Gershburg always had an entrepreneurial spirit. After graduating New York Law school, Daniel immediately opened the doors to his own law office, hoping to change the way small attorneys are perceived. Besides being the Owner and President, Daniel is involved in various not for profit and Pro Bono initiatives including the Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project, and He teaches Bankruptcy and Real Estate law for various CLE providers, including LexisNexis, and

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