Tennessee CLE Requirements

Tennessee's Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Requirement:
The State Bar of Tennessee requires attorneys to complete 15 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit hours ever year. The 15 NJ CLE hours must include 3 hours of Ethics / Professionalism courses, and 7 credit hours must be earned through live, in-person instruction. 

*COVID 19 Rule Change: The Supreme Courte of Tennessee at Nashville has ordered that until December 31st, 2022 all 15 CLE credit hours may be earned online and on-demand from accredited providers like LexVid. See the Supreme Court Order here:

Tennessee CLE Deadline:
Tennessee attorneys must complete their CLE requirements by December 31st each year. 

Tennessee CLE Reporting Deadline: 
Tennessee attorneys have until March 31st following their deadline to report their CLE credits earned. 

State Bar of Tennessee Accredited CLE Providers:
LexVid is a Tennessee accredited CLE provider. LexVid courses showing Tennessee credit have been approved by the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education.

LexVid's Tennessee CLE Accredited Provider #: 0

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tennessee CLE Compliance

How do I report my Tennessee CLE compliance?
Tennessee attorneys will receive a compliance statement in February indicating whether they are in compliance with their CLE requirements. If not, they must sign and return the Annual Report Statement to the Commission by March 1 with corrections or confirmations (missing courses or credits) and payment of any outstanding fees.

What if I'm a newly admitted attorney in Tennessee?
Newly Admitted TN attorneys do have a CLE obligation for the year they pass the Bar Exam, but the Commission on CLE awards the required fifteen (15) hours of CLE credit for successfully passing the Bar Exam. If you successfully take and pass the July Bar Exam, you will be given credit for the year you passed the Bar Exam and the following year. See Rule 21 §2.05.

What if I've been inactive or exempt for part of my Tennessee CLE cycle?
Being inactive has no effect on your CLE requirement.

What if I don't comply by my Tennessee CLE deadline?
No compliance attorneys, will have to complete thier required CLE hours, and owe a $100 non-completion fee. Under Rule 21, the final version of a Suspension Order will be sent to the Supreme Court on August 15. It will be entered at the Court's discretion. See Rule 21 §7.07.

What if I take a CLE course outside of the state of Tennessee?
Attorneys can mail, email or fax a copy of the CLE program agenda, information on the speakers and a very brief summary of the course content. Attach the completed form found on http://cletn.com/ titled “Request for Out-of –State, On-Line and Other Unpaid Credits”. See Regulation §5D.1.

How are Tennessee continuing legal education credit hours calculated?

Can I carry over extra Tennessee CLE credit hours? 
Yes, for Tennessee attorney up to one full year's worth of both General (12 hours) and Ethics & Professionalism (3 hours) can be carried forward to the next compliance year. 8 hours of distance learning can be carried forward to the next compliance year.

How can I contact the Tennessee State CLE board?
Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education
  1321 Murfreesboro Pike, Suite 810
  Nashville, TN 37217
Phone: 615-741-3096
Fax: 615-532-2477
Email: info@cletn.com

What if I have more questions about Tennessee CLE?
Check our help center: https://help.lexvid.com, shoot us an email at support@lexvid.com or give us a call at 1-877-327-1226. We look forward to hearing from you!