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Tennessee CLE Course Bundle

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Complete All 15 Tennessee CLE Hours

Including 3 Ethics

Receive a set course list of 15 CLE hours that fulfills all of your Tennessee requirements online.


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TN CLE Bundle Course List

Enjoy 14 courses covering all 15 CLE Hours, Including 3 Ethics. If you have already completed any courses in this bundle, LexVid will automatically replace them with new courses to fulfill your CLE requirement.

Understanding Asset Protection Tools and Planning

Presented by:
Douglas Lodmell

TN: 1.13
Striving for a (Realistic) Work/Life Balance

Presented by:
Brian Quinn

TN: 1 Ethics/Professionalism
Section 230 - The First Amendment of the Internet

Presented by:
Lawrence G. Walters

TN: 0.88
How to Litigate a Truck Accident Case

Presented by:
Alex Weatherby

TN: 1.05
Cases With "Issues": Family Law Litigation Involving Substance Abuse and Menta…

Presented by:
Kelly L. Burris

TN: 1.28
Tips to Avoid Malpractice in a Post Pandemic World

Presented by:
Robert Tobey

TN: 0.97 Ethics/Professionalism
Practical Guidance: When to Engage Employment Practices Experts

Presented by:
Jill Rorschach

TN: 0.97
Practical Implications for Title IX Compliance

Presented by:
Tonya Gentry

TN: 1.5
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The Tennessee Course Bundle gives you immediate access to 14 Tennessee CLE courses, covering 15 hours. These courses are picked specifically to fulfill all of your Tennessee CLE requirements online. 

Once you start a course, you can pause and resume it any time, from any location, on nearly all devices – you just need an internet connection.

You have up to one year to watch the all courses in your course bundle, before they expire. 


90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Tennessee Course Bundle

Complete All 15 Tennessee CLE Hours

Including 3 Ethics

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