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Can I really receive MCLE credit for free?

Yes you can! LexVid gives you 1 hour of free CLE when you sign up, which you can use toward any course in our library. This is the perfect way to try us out before you make a purchase, or just pick up that last hour needed for your requirement. Do you need more hours? No problem. LexVid allows you to choose the exact number of hours you need and save. Learn more about our packages here.

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Why are some courses accredited in my state while others are not?

There are a number of reasons why a particular course may or may not be accredited in your state. Each state has its own rules on program accreditation, and may restrict accreditation to programs of a certain length, subject matter, etc. Additionally, LexVid has to make business decisions on which states to seek accreditation in, taking into account cost of program accreditation, the size of the market, and policies regarding approved providers.

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How many CLE credits can I earn with LexVid?

Every state has its own rules regarding how many CLE credits may be earned online. With the Unlimited Access package, you can earn as many credits as your state will allow. The following states allow you to earn all of your credits with LexVid: California, New York, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii and Alaska. You can earn 12 of 24 in New Jersey, 23.25 of 45 in Washington, 6 of 15 in Missouri, and 15 of 45 in North Dakota. For details on more states, go to the home page and select your state.

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How do I receive a certificate for one of your programs?

Receiving credits is easy. Follow these steps to and your certificate will be emailed to you. Certificates are also available on the My Certificates page.

1. Sign In
You must be signed in while watching videos to track your progress.

2. Watch Any Course In Our Library
All of our courses can be found on the CLE COURSES page. Courses accredited in your state appear at the top — make sure to choose courses accredited in your state. Click play to watch a course.

3. Verify Your Attendance
A pop-up box will appear throughout the program. You must click the box in order for the video to continue — this is to ensure that you are actively viewing the program.

4. Complete the Evaluation
Once the video is complete, fill out the short evaluation and wait for a certificate of completion to be emailed to you.

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How long will it take to receive a certificate of completion?

Certificates are emailed to you immediately after completing the evaluation at the end of each course. Certificates are also always available for download on the Completed Courses & Certificates tab on your Dashboard.

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Can I discuss the information presented in a particular lecture with other users?

Of course! There is a "Discussions" tab on each viewing page. There you can post questions or comments, or address the questions or comments posted by other viewers. Our presenters are encouraged to participate as well.

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How can I ask the presenter a question about his or her lecture?

Click the "Ask the Lecturer" tab on the viewing page. Your question will be emailed to the presenter. You will be notified by email when your question is answered. Please note that the presenter has the option to answer the question privately, or post the question to the viewing page for the benefit of other users. Or you can simply email them directly. We have posted all of our lecturers' email addresses on the viewing page.

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How do I become a Lexvid lecturer?

Lexvid is always looking for quality programs to add to its library of accredited content. If you have a presentation you would like to submit for consideration, email a summary of the lecture, an outline, and your resume or biography to Jeffrey Webb.

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What if I haven't received my Certificate of Completion?

Sometimes email doesn't arrive immediately or gets stuck in spam. To download your certificate right now, simply head over to the Dashboard and download your certificate from the Completed Courses & Certificates tab. If you can't find your certificate there, email us at

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What if I encountered a glitch while watching the video?

Sorry about that! You should never have to re-watch any portion of your video. Contact us and we can reset your course progress to where it should be.

Check to make sure you have the latest version of your web browser. Although we work hard to make sure our courses play on as many web browsers as possible, older browsers and plugins sometimes cause problems with our videos. Try switching to a different web browser or upgrading to the newest version of your browser. We recommend:

  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Firefox 29+
  • Chrome 34+
  • Safari 6+

Try checking your internet connection. Occasionally a video can pause when an internet connection is slow. See below for more information on checking your internet connection.

If you are logged into a virtual private network (VPN), you may want to try logging out. Some organizations have VPNs settings that interfere with program progress tracking. Contact your employer's IT specialist for more information about your VPN.

If you're still having troubles, please email us and let us know.

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What if the program I am interested in is not accredited in my state?

We are constantly working to accredit all of our programs in every state possible. If a course is not accredited in your state, you may be able to self-apply for credit. To learn how to self-apply, choose your state on the home page and read the instructions on your state's page. If you are signed in, self-apply instructions are next to each course that is not accredited in your state.

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Are your programs considered "Participatory" or "Interactive" by my MCLE regulatory agency?

Yes, unless you are licensed in Missouri, North Dakota, or New Hampshire. These states categorize on-demand programs as "Non-Live" or "Self-Study". This is indicated in the Special Credits column of the program list.

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Can I pay for a LexVid subscription by check?

Sure! If you prefer to pay by check, please call 877-327-1226 and we'll walk you through the process.

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Can I watch courses on an my mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android)?

Yes, our courses can be watched on most mobile devices. If you are viewing on an iPad be sure that Private Mode is turned off. Our system can't track your progress and issue certificates if it is on.

Turning off private browsing on the iPad is simple:
1. Tap the "Panels" icon (two rectangles) at the top right by the address bar and the + button.
2. Tab private.

For iOS 7 or earlier, follow these steps: 1. Touch the '+' at the top right of your browser (next to the cloud).
2. Touch the blue "Private" box to turn off Private Mode.

Visit the Apple website at to see their instructions if these aren't working for you.

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What if I'm licensed in more than one state?

We've got you covered. First, make sure that every state you are seeking CLE credit for is registered on your account. If you need to add states, you can do so on your Dashboard on the right rail. Then choose a course that is accredited in all of your states. The website will automatically display course credits available in your registered states. Upon completion of your course, we will issue you a certificate for each of your states. And no matter how many states you are registered in, credits will only be deducted once from your account.

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Why does my course freeze?

Intermittent freezing or pausing with the courses is usually due to a slow internet connection. To check the speed of your current internet connect, go to and click the green “Begin Test” button. Any results less than 3 mbps may result in playback issues and you should restart your router and/or contact your internet service provider.

If your internet connection is strong, log out of your VPN ("Virtual Private Network") and/or 3rd party file management software (such as TrialWorks). If that doesn't solve the issue, email us at

Note: do not click the blue "Start Now" button. This is an ad.

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Why can't I hear my presentation?

First, check the speaker volume on your computer/mobile device and on the LexVid program player. If those are turned up, check to see whether you are logged into a 3rd party file management software such as TrialWorks or a VPN ("Virtual Private Network"). If so, please log out and retry your program.

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What if my program refuses to load?

First, check to make sure that you have a good internet connection. You can visit to test your connection.

If you connection is strong, log out of your VPN ("Virtual Private Network") and/or 3rd party file management software (such as TrialWorks). Connecting through these channels has been known to cause issues with the LexVid video player.

Ad blocking software may prevent the video from loading. Try turning off the ad blocker or adding to the list of approved sites.

If you are at work, your firewall may be blocking the video. If so, you can either log into your account at home or through your moblie device, or check with your employer's IT specialist about allowing LexVid through the firewall.

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