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Common Issues in Wrongful Convictions with Innocence Project Reviews

Jeremy Stack did an excellent job. That was truly an enlightening program. Thanks!
- Bruce Z.
Fascinating and nuanced discussion of current California Innocence Project cases and past successes
- Thomas Joel F.
One of the best MCLEs I’ve watched.
- Jillian B.
WOW. Jeremy is incredible! The case narratives are astounding and infuriating in their injustice. In terms of overall information, awareness-raising, and sheer empathy value, it's tough to beat this presentation. This is by far one of the best I've ever seen. Well worth an hour-and maybe it will inspire some of us to support the CIP and their work.
- Kara C.
This was a very interesting topic and the presenter was kept my attention the whole way through.
- Gail R.
- Staci P.
Very interesting presentation.
- Jennifer F.
- Molly M.
Excellent course. Bring him back anytime.
- Patricia Q.
Very convincing presentation. Kathy C
- kathleen c.
Very informative and interesting. Good presentation
- Jhayne E.
Good info.
- Erin C.
A qualified presenter but way too many commentary, questions, jokes, cell phone ringers from the audience.
- George C.
Best video that I've watched all CLE season. What is the key to being a "good" CLE lecturer? Really, honestly, enjoy and be enthusiastic doing what you do. (And losing the tie and wearing jeans might help!) Thank you.
- Jennifer C.
Awesome information. So glad to see attorneys fighting the good fight, and helping those who have been wrongfully convicted. Thank you!
- Shiva B.
He is very engaging! And inspiring!
- Beth C.
- Raissa L.
Too many questions asked...not sure if all the intended material was presented.
- Elissa B.
Fascinating. Terrific course,
- Jodi C.
- Alan A.
Excellent presentation. Worthy of watching even with no MCLEcrecit
- Amy B.
It was very interesting and educated me more about a program I had only heard about. I thought the presenter was great.
- Lennie G.
Outstanding. Great presentation skills and interesting content. He should do more lectures here.
- Tamara F.
Of all the videos, for me this was the most compelling. Outstanding presentation on a very critical issue. No one wants to see innocent people in jail.
- Regina G.
This lecturer is captivating and I enjoyed the entire presentation! I may contact the local innocence project.
- Judith C.
Wonderful and informatiive. Great work being done by these guys at CIP. Astounding how these convictions come about, when some very well done investigative methods could result in acquittal at the trial stage. DNA testing should be routine for most crimes which involve person to person contact, as a way of exculpating the defendant.
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