Workplace Developments Under the Trump Administration Reviews

Very knowledgeable speaker with respect to the subject matter presented.
- John E.
Excellent wide-ranging analysis of workplace developments that have arisen thus far under the Trump Administration, as enumerated by the presenter, Mr. Fitzgerald. He is to be commended highly for this presentation and for his commentary on the likelihood of further developments that may be spawned by this Administration.
A very thorough and comprehensive, albeit disconcerting, presentation outlining the numerous efforts on the part of the current administration to diminish or eliminate employee rights and protections.
- Ellen P.
Good, current update. Very knowledgeable presenter.
- Jaime S.
Mr. Fitzgerald knows his stuff. I plan to visit his website!
- Walter W.
The presenter is very well informed and the topic is very relevant. Needs to be a bit more dynamic.
- alicia m.
As always, this presenter does an excellent job.
- Keith A.
Interesting items discussed. Thanks.
- William L.
good job
- Scott E.
i really appreciated this course the content was interesting and useful
- Caroline m.
- Andrea G.
more slides that follow presentation would have been helpful
- Robert H.
Robert's closing remarks about "the tip of the iceberg" is extreamly powerful. He summarizes the stunning long list ot this Administration's "undoing" of decades of prior Administration's law, rules, cases of protecting thr rights of workers, Veterans, students, parenting rights, immigrants, etc. Trump has signed many laws in the shortest time to deter the rights of many people under tge guise of cutting government expenses.
- Alan K.
- S. Arthur W.
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