Worker Classification & Tax Filing Requirements

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Worker Classification & Tax Filing Requirements
Worker Classification & Tax Filing Requirements

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Course Description

Selecting worker classification, planning how to fund your medical, dental, and visions benefits, and retirement benefits are key factors in obtaining a successful family legacy. You will learn worker choice, employee worker, statutory worker, nonemployee worker, independent contractor, and gig workers; categories of evidence to consider, behavioral control, financial control, and relationship of parties; fringe benefits for workers; employee benefits, insurance, long-term care insurance, health, vision, and dental, and retirement; and tax filing requirements, employment tax returns, information return filings, back-up withholding tax, and penalties.

Length: 56min

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Leslie Bonner

Leslie Bonner has 33 years of experience in tax law in the areas of individuals, corporations (both C-Corp & S-Corp), partnerships & LLCs, non-profit and tax-exempt entities, and employment tax law. Leslie is skilled in Tax Consulting, Tax Preparation, Employment Tax, Sales Tax, Internal Audit, and Accounting. Leslie is a Tax Advisor and Enrolled agent with professional experience in helping clients resolve complex tax issues — especially as these issues relate to rental property and passive loss rules, employment taxes, trust, estate and gift taxes, real property & taxation. Leslie holds a Masters in Legal Studies from Washington University at St. Louis School of Law, and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Woodbury University. Leslie is an Enrolled Agent who is admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. Leslie frequently speaks and holds events and webinars on multiple topics including Small Business Workshop, Foreign Persons & Their Tax Responsibilities, Foreign Banks and Financial Account and Tax Reporting Requirements, Real Property & It’s Taxation, Estate Tax Planning & Taxation, Worker Classification & Tax Filing Requirements, and Personal Income Tax Law, as well as tax planning, tax preparation, tax audits and representation, and appeals representation before the Internal Revenue Service.

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