Windy City Litigation Management Conference - Part 2

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Windy City Litigation Management Conference - Part 2
Windy City Litigation Management Conference - Part 2

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Course Description

Catch up on what you missed during's Windy City Litigation Management conference. Part 2 of this series includes the following programs:

Copycat Liability -Unintentional, even superficial use of copyrighted material can land your company in the grease. Ads, webpages, promotional materials, proposals and other company-generated publications are fertile ground for violations as well as declaratory, injunction, enforcement and damage actions. Everything from an Internet site to a song "hook" is fair game.

Internal Investigations Done Right -Companies face increasing scrutiny from regulators, prosecutors and shareholders. Headlines peal out one allegation of corporate wrongdoing after another. Investigations are demanded. Basic but critical questions regarding internal investigations - how to know when an investigation is necessary; who should conduct them; and how should they do it? Is separate counsel is necessary for employees, officers and directors? Should a written report be prepared? Protecting attorney client and other privileges.

Predatory Raiding & High-End Executive Defections -Competition for top-level executive talent and their specialized knowledge and information has never been greater. Competitive zeal often crosses the line. Overzealous raiding of competitor's top-level talent poses great risk for companies trying to buy a competitive edge. Companies victimized by raids have options, even when their defecting executives are not bound by traditional non-compete agreements. The line between legitimate and unfair competition can get blurry. Hear some helpful guidance for corporate counsel on both sides of the issue.

Guilt By Association: Civil Conspiracy Claims -Civil conspiracy claims are on the rise in mass tort product liability litigation involving asbestos, breast implants, tobacco, automotive tires and other products, as well as in toxic tort cases. Trade association membership is fueling claims of enterprise liability, conspiracy, concert of action, collusion, fraud, deceptive trade practices and false advertising.

Length: 1hr 16min

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This is how CLE lectures should be conducted. The presenters in this video could easily hold the attention of a Broadway Audience. They were outstanding.
- Ralph A.
- Russell L.
Some interesting insights.
- Jan H.
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