Whistleblowers and the Law Reviews

If I could describe this CLE in one word, it would be "thoughtful." That is to say. more than being simply informative, it compels the viewer to think further about the underpinnings of the issues and principles involved. I'm very glad to have taken this CLE.
- Jennifer S.
Very excellent, informative course.
- Stephen M G.
The most enjoyable cle course I have taken.
- George A.
A classically educated, literate, philosophical presenter who actually welcomed and received significant audience discussion of the issues. A rarity in CLE. A treasure!
- Juden R.
This is a must see presentation.
- John Patrick T.
Esoteric and entertaining as well as provocative...
- Jennie J.
Great professor!
- Denise W.
very interesting subject matter...very interesting presenter
- Lizabeth R.
Great course and presenter. Useful info applicable to today's workplace.
- Jaime S.
Excellent j
- Maurice H.
Great presentation. I felt like I was back in Law School. I thoroughly enjoyed this lecture.
- Morton S.
It became MUCH more interesting after starting out very drab
- Royce B.
The course is excellent in a philosophical sense. Nothing really gets answered but the material is fantastically thought provoking. Somewhat like a seminar in philosophy of laws. Mr. Chodos is always interesting, well prepared and thought provoking.
- Joseph S.
Thank you.
- Ricardo P.
Outstanding. Thank you sir.
- geral s.
Really excellent speaker
- Thomas J.
Truly excellent
- Paul K.
Magnificent display of Socratic method and classic rhetorical style! What a rare gem!
- Stacy S.
- Richard S.
I didn't learn anything about current whistle blower laws, but it was a fascinating historical lecture.
- William C.
Great historical perspective. Not sure I agree with presenter's point of view on everything but certainly food for thought.
- Cheryl H.
Would have liked him to discuss the three Supreme Court cases he mentioned at the end of the presentation
- Paula S.
Very interesting and thought provoking.
- Michell N.
Great CLE.
- Colleen W.
Outstanding presentation. Dynamic speaker and truly thought-provoking discussion. This topic should have been allotted more time.
- Sharon J.
This class was way more of a history of whistleblowing & whistleblowing & current events lecture, than anything related to the law. The last 10 minutes or so there was some discussion of the law, but it was much more of a theory of whistleblowing class & how one might develop laws lecture than anything about actual laws. For an active practitioner, more content on how to apply actual laws in the US would have been appreciated and a better use of my time.
- Kevin S.
I really enjoyed this course. The presenter made the topic interesting and relevant.
- Christina L.
Instructor was great!
- Kathleen F.
Very democratic overview.
- Mary C.
This was more of a general discussion of whistleblower concepts and not a specific discussion of underlying law and statutes.
- Richard R.
Lecturer is a pleasure to listen to.
- Kenneth G.
Could not hear the input from the attendees very well.
- Robert B.
This is a great program!
- Alissa A.
Very impressive presenter knowledgable, erudite, preferred to hear other comments and opinions than to express own first, . a gentleman and a scholar. Well prepared. surprising that he does not have better things to do but am glad that he made time for this.
- John L.
Very good. A different take on Whistleblowing.
- William P.
Great speaker and instructor. A must for any attorney especially those ever considering public service as well as those already in public service!
- Monica S.
Full of rhetorical questions with little substance on the law or its development.
- Johan E.
great course
- Victoria S.
interesting to listen to; more a philosophical discussion rather than a legal review
- llona P.
Dynamic presentation. I learned much about a topic about which I had no previous training!
- Joseph S.
- paul s.
This was an extremely interesting class. wish it had been longer and the slides could have reflected the course materials.
- Judy S.
Excellent presentation, interesting and informative.
- Lee R.
Many great questions and few answers. The entire subject area is a dilemma for our country.
- Thomas P.
Speaker has a broad knowledge of ancient and modern history and ready command of facts. Very impressive!
- Pierce O.
Wonderful presentation in an area of great concern to us all.
- Sanford S.
Enjoyed the play of ideas here.
- Samuel S.
Very interesting but left me with questions
- Lisa S.
Very interesting lecture that touched on many different types of whistleblowing.
- Chia-Fen Y.
Excellent course. Interesting and thought provoking as well as timely. Instructor was excellent.
- Michael R. S.
More of a discussion of history and sociology than of the substance of current law. Accordingly, interesting and entertaining but not particularly instructive.
- Marianne R.
Good insights, thoughtful discussion, nice interaction with attendees. Really enjoyed this program.
- Pamela S.
What a great course. Mr. Chodos' stories and examples were entertaining as well as informative. I liked the class participation although I was watching on a video screen. Great Job!! Thank you!
- Suzanne L.
excellent presentation of difficult and controversial subject
- Michael S.
It was a very interesting topic approached in a practical situation where we are coming to grips with technology and the availability, either through legal or non-legal means information that we normally would not have.
- Michael R.
This is a very interesting discussion. But, I wish there had been time to move from the esoteric to the more technical discussion and review of some cases and actual whistleblower laws. As far as technical presentation, it would've been nice to have seen the slides on the right-hand screen of the video.
- Kathryn R. D.
- Thomas W.
- Lisa T.
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