Practical Guidance: When to Engage Employment Practices Experts

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Practical Guidance: When to Engage Employment Practices Experts
Practical Guidance: When to Engage Employment Practices Experts

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Course Description

Litigants on both sides of an employment case may gain a strategic advantage through the use of an employment practices expert. These experts can provide an opinion on employment policies and practices such as hiring, training, supervision, and the accepted practices in the relevant area. Juries can also benefit from the expertise of a human resources practitioner’s explanation of generally accepted practices in the workplace. This program will dissect the role and qualifications of such an expert in employment litigation, explore the value they bring to a case, and discuss a number of admissibility trends from cases.

Length: 58min

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Jill Rorschach

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Employment Practices Solutions, Inc. Consultant October 2018 - present - Conduct investigations into complaints of workplace misconduct. Provide guidance to employers concerning sound personnel practices and procedures. - Provide training programs on a broad range of employment issues, including investigation procedures, harassment,sensitivity, conflict management, diversity, effective hiring, disciplinary action and other workforce policies and practices. Citigroup, Inc. 1993 - 2018 Managing Director, Head of Employee Relations & HR Policy 2013 – 2018 - Responsible for global oversight, tracking and reporting of the handling of 2000+ HR related ethics hotlines annually, interfacing with the Ethics Office and regional partners to ensure timely and thorough investigation and appropriate resolution of all issues - Chaired the Global HR Policy Committee to strengthen the policy governance structure, drive consistency in the application of global HR policies and practices, and further embed a culture of ethics, integrity and respect across all regions; represented the HR function on the Citi Policy Committee and interfaced with U.S. regulatory authorities regarding HR policies, processes and controls relating to addressing improper employee conduct - Led a team of ER Advisors who conducted thorough and independent review of 1500+ employee concerns raised in North America annually, including ethics and executive complaints, complaints raising legal claims, and those involving highly sensitive or complex issues.

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