Using Technology To Dismantle a Criminal Case Reviews

One of your best presenters yet. I was completely engaged. One key note I take away with me is "walk the scene." So important!
- Jacqulyn W.
- Betty J.
Very interesting!
- Keshet S.
Great case study!
- Steven M.
Excellent. Great ideas.
- Royce B.
Great Summary of all the Tech devices to keep in mind while preparing trial.
- Gregory Z.
some very intersting points
Excellent. Best I have seen.
- Robert D.
Speaker was very good and very well prepared. Generally the presentation had well prepared slides, but there were clearly slides missing, and the ones that were there were not in since with the oral presentation. It was distracting.
- Amy D.
Excellent! Highly recommend.
- Deborah F.
Great presentation
- Craig B.
Excellent . The technology trail is the future of criminal defense work.
- Robert L.
Excellent presentation. Real working knowledge and practical suggestions about the investigation and presentation of defense materials to bring out the truth. Only lecture I have not taken notes during.
- Harry R.
Case review was good way to present materials.
- Steve W.
Great course, great speaker.
- jeffrey v.
Too much information for one hour course. Slides often did not correspond to instructor's presentation.
- Roger W.
Well reasoned, well organized. Great information on subpoena power and investigation of electronic evidence
- Nedra R.
The information was phenomenal, great, great sleuthing. The slides did not match the presentation and most of the time there was no slide.
- Jennie T.
Great lecturer.
- Ryan K.
Excellent case example used to illustrate every important point made. Thorough and helpful.
- Michael J W.
Excellent presentation
- Diane G.
excellent presentation
- Barbara E.
Excellent program!!
- Larry S.
Very informative. I am no techno geek, but Mr. Friedman made discussion of technology in law interestubg
- Arlo Hale S.
Very Good and I will incorporate some of the suggestions in next trial.
- Robert M.
Great information. Most information focused on social media rather than technology in the broad sense.
- Solomon C.
Discovery of electronic/digital evidence is now a standard tactic in all my cases.
- Leonardo M.
Very well presented and interesting.
- Michael R.
He laid a defense case out in an engaging and succinct manner. A joy to listen to...
- Michaeleen M.
Good course.
- Larry H.
This presentation was about the best lecture I have seen in a long time. Very knowledgeable, very precise, very focused, no fat whatsoever. Great Job.
- Ralph A.
- thomas m.
Very useful subject
- Brad S.
Very good presentation. I will take some of these ideas and use them on a current case.
- Anthony S.
good refresher
- Eugene L.
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