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From Notice to Lockout: An Overview of the Unlawful Detainer Process Reviews

Best speaker yet.
- Elizabeth S.
I was amazed how knowledgeable this instructor is. I had done 2 years of evictions and yet I learned a lot today! I enjoy the Q & A format the instructor had, helps answer my questions without having to wait for a response.
- Maria C.
The Instructor does a fine job.
- Robert S.
Excellent practical knowledge of the presenter
- Thomas T.
- Nitin V.
Instructor was excellent but sound quality--especially questions--was very uneven. Questions were very difficult to hear and video not as clear as other seasons that I have watched.
- Laurie H.
I really liked her style.
- Melissa J.
It would have been better if there was a list of needed documents or required documents
- Celeste T.
Very interesting and valuable insights.
- geral s.
Good Material
- Steven R.
Moves at a quick pace, but gives thorough overview
- Erin O.
very good info, even helped from tenant side
- dionisio m.
Excellent presentation.
- David M.
Good presentation.
- robert f.
Good program
- Robert B.
Excellent class!
- Timothy W.
excellent and concise info for any practice
- Kenneth N.
good program. thorough.
- John L.
couldn't hear the questions
- Joseph A.
The presenter was very knowledgeable and interesting to listen and to
- Rebecca G.
good speaker
- Lisa S.
Presenter I very knowledgeable! I got a lot out of her presentation!
- Cheryl W.
Best Lexvid Lecturer!
- Vincent N.
very engaging presenter.
- Timothy S.
Fabulous presentation. She is very knowledgeable and relayed the information well.
- Sandy R.
Concise, informative and understandable
- Robert S.
Ms. Catherine E. Weinberg, of Simone & Associates, San Diego, CA is highly knowledgeable, very articulate, and an excellent educator / presenter. There is very little doubt that she is a tremendously effective and qualified counselor and litigator as well, and therefore the level of competence and reliability is as high as it gets. Due to her efforts and expertise, this was one of the best CLE presentations that I have ever attended / completed, and I have been in practice since 1978.
Very good speaker who was concise and also offered practical information.
- Audrey S.
I wish there had been a bit more on tenant's angle.
- Judy S.
This was a very helpful course! Thank you!
- rosa s.
Very informative lecture with a lot of information given quickly. Excellent job!
- Julie S.
Excellent presentation.
- Jana P.
well presented
- william s.
One of the best CLE instructors I have had so far!!! Everything is clear and to the point. Thank you
- Olga S.
Very informative program. Great information presented clearly and concisely.
- Thomas P.
The instructor couldn't have been better.
- Shaun S.
Excellent presentation. Very knowledgeable and I enjoyed listening to her. Thanks!
- Melissa M.
clear, through, precise. Excellent!
- David V.
This was an excellent presentation. She knows her stuff! Would recommend that she speak a little more slowly, but I understand why she went fast.
- Pamela S.
The very knowledgable presenter has geared the course to practitioners with some knowledge of the subject. I would have preferred a more basic, structured and organized approach, as I have no experience in the field. Also, there was too much disparity in volume levels between audience questions and the main presentation.
- Michael P.
Well done overall. However, would have been better if the presenter repeated the questions from members of the audience so questions could be heard clearly by those watching/listening online.
- Kathleen B.
Great content
- Morgan P.
Shes awesome. Obviously a total pro.
- David Q.
what an excellent presentation. Really nicely delivered. Maybe the instructor could consider doing a commercial lease termination/eviction talk? presentation thank you
good course
- joseph n.
Excellent overview.
- Daniel O.
This was a really great presentation. The issues were presented clearly and with an efficient use of time. Ms. Weinberg was a really engaging speaker, which makes such a big difference with these videos. Please invite her to do more talks! My only two complaints are technical. It would be great if questions were included in the slides or subtitled, since every once in a while the audio wasn't clear. Also, when people asked questions, the camera bizarrely moved away from the speaker, but not to the person asking the question. It just settled on some random spot. It's ok to just keep the camera on the speaker.
- Amy N.
Lecturer was very organized, well spoken and there was a very good course outline
- Robert w.
very knowledgeable instructor who can answer questions without hidgig.
- llona P.
Good presentation. E
- Eric S.
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