Trademark Fundamentals Reviews

This is a fantastic primer for trademark law.
- Dennis K.
Very good presenter.
- Susan A.
Very good intro to Trademark law. Interesting, well-paced and clear.
- Mary S.
Christian Fenton's class on Trademark Fundamentals is excellent. His introductory class is well paced, informative and interesting. He is an engaging and entertaining lecturer. His classes are well worth viewing. Thank you, Lexvid, for Mr. Fenton's classes! John Y.
- John David Y.
Several good distinct points about trademark of which I was unaware
- Janis W.
Good overview for a 1 hour course
- Matthew D.
Presenter clearly know his material but his asking of questions and waiting for responses was very irritating. Other presenters are far more adept at posing questions to a video audience where they don't expect answers!
- Sylvia L.
Excellent overview of trademarks. Speaker really knew his stuff and included lots of real world examples, which makes the materials more meaningful.
- Julia T.
The Instructor kept the course very basic, and for those of us with little or no experience in this area, this helped tremendously. Additionally, even though the course was simplified for the beginner, the instructor provides a lot of useful and thorough information on the topic. Also, the instructor had a clear and very audible voice on the recording, which always helps one understand and absorb the information presented. You definitely get your money's worth!
- Gerald K.
Great instructor. Would love to see more in-depth trademark courses from him.
- Chiara O.
knowledgeable speaker. NO written materials shown Speaker has to reduce use of the word "RIGHT"
- jeremy k.
Loved it. Gracias.
- John L.
Very enjoyable, concise and informative course.
- Duane C.
Very good.
- Tighe T.
Great trademark overview, with updates for current trends in the law.
- Ronald S.
Very good material and presentation.
- Wilfrid N.
The presenter's Q & A style was very engaging. (I couldn't hear some of the audience members, but he was fairly good at restating the audience questions.)
- Stephen F.
Well done.
- Mark A.
Very helpful. Covered key high-level aspects of trademark law.
- Matthew D.
Interesting and easy to listen to. Went quickly.
- Alexandra W.
A well-presented course on a topic all lawyers need to be familiar with. The space next to the presenter could have been used for notes or graphics.
- Russell M.
Outstanding overview of trademark law.
- William G.
Good speaker
- Anna S.
Excellent program on understanding the basics of trademarks and protecting those rights.
- Rachel R.
Good summary.
- Rosanne C.
I thought this would have a little greater depth.
- James D.
Excellent presentation.
- Cynthia C.
Good program. Entertaining and informative.
- Robert S.
very effective instructor - charming personality
- charles g.
This was a very good beginner's overview of trademark. I suggest it to anyone interested in getting a taste for the topic. The lecturer was very cogent and easy to listen to.
- Johanna S.
Great intro to this topic. Christian is a great presenter...clear and concise.
- Joshua G.
informative and interesting. Easy to listen to.
- Marilyn L.
good overview
- John L.
Great overview.
- Alissa A.
very well prepared presentation, easy to follow. Would love a part two because the application process could use further explanation
- Kathy L.
Very easy to follow. Mr. Fendon did a great job on this tutorial.
- Myriam M.
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