The Nuts and Bolts of Performing Workplace Investigations Reviews

OUTSTANDING!! Full of information and the presenter had a wonderful, approachable quality that made the time breeze by. One of the best Lexvid CLE's I've taken. Thank You!!
- Chriss W.
Excellent overview of investigation practices. Relevant examples, great materials (for later reference), and nice presentation style. Look forward to additional sessions from this speaker.
Great presenter! She's on point, a great communicator, and draws on personal examples. I loved this!
- Heidi B.
- Deanne V.
This was a superb presentation. Ms. Ro-Connolly's outline of her subject, and the clarity of her presentation of each of the subjects and concerns provided an excellent overview of her subject -- and demonstrated a level of organization and understanding quite rare in Continuing Education comments. This was one of the best hours I've spent in a continuing education setting, particularly in a field in which I do not practice. While the subject matter was focused on the investigation of workplace conflicts, the approach to what any investigation should consider would be invaluable in virtually any field.
- Joseph M.
Great delivery...very interesting
- Julie S.
- sam h.
Great written materials.
- Nancy H.
Very informative and well presented
- Gerard B.
Good points about various subtleties, e.g. retaliation.
- Mark H.
This was an exceptional course, with a lot of practical info.
- Adina Z.
Excellent speaker!!!
- Payal G.
- Darcy B.
Very thorough, practical and informative.
- Leonard R.
Very Good
- Sean D.
Thank you.
- Deborah W.
Excellent - very insightful.
- Dr. Eversley L.
very good.
- Adriana C.
Very useful for the day-to-day complaints that require immediate and fairly conducted investigations. Looking forward to an advanced version addressing the role of such investigations if any towards fostering policy changes and possibly reducing an employer's exposure to punitive damages.
- William M.
Good solid presentation with helpful examples, thorough slides and helpful resources.
- Rachel C.
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