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The Law of Fiduciary Duties in the 21st Century Reviews

This is one of the least effective CLE's I've experienced. The written materials are inadequate - as far as I can tell, this was a preview of the speaker's book for law school consumption. Constant references to the speaker's book wasted time and made little sense since I was unable to see what the audience presumable saw - pages of his book.
- Leslie S.
This lecture made you really think about the scope of the fiduciary duty, and to critically articulate your duty to each party to a transaction or relationship. This gentleman gets 10 stars.
- Rennie R.
The course was extremely interesting, well-presented, and up to date. Rafael proved himself to be excellent and knowledgeable attorney.
- George Y.
Professor Chodos is a gifted teacher, comfortable with whatever topic he presents. A+++
- Pierce O.
I enjoy this instructor very much. He makes you think.
- Michael S.
Excellent presentation
- Edgar G.
Very helpfull
- Thomas T.
Great, creative review of the law of fiduciary duty presented in a practical way! Thanks!!
- Robert O.
Great presentation.
- eric f.
- Bruce D S.
a well presented overview of a complicated topic.
- Charles B.
Exceptional, engaging lecturer.
- Judith Z.
Good course.
- Stephen G.
It was interesting, but seemed to meander at times.
- Charles C.
Excellent, excellent professor/teacher!
- Frank M.
One of the best.
- Robert B.
Excellent review of fiduciary duties.
- Timothy L.
Mr. Chodos made this course extremely interesting because of his approach to the material. Bravo!!
- Ellen R.
- Wilfrid N.
Really interesting presentation
- Sashidhar S.
excellent speaker
- Sandra M.
Instructor is very knowledgeable on the topic.
- Dennis J K.
I love that this was a lecture that was recently given. The instructor was very good. I do wish, however, that the written materials were incorporated into a slide show so I could watch the instructor and the notes at the same time and not have to flip back and forth.
- Allison S.
very good speaker
- Anna S.
A wonderful presentation by a highly knowledgeable and dynamic speaker.
- Alan L.
Excellent presentation!
- Delma R.
- Karen B.
very good presenter !!!!!!!
- charles g.
well versed, on point what most attorney do not know or consider in daily business and related practice.
- terry b.
Solid overview.
- Daniel M.
It was a bit like being back in law school,
- Joanna W.
A little too chatty for my taste and lacking strong content
- Marianne R.
Very fine teacher
- Steven B.
Useful historical perspective on fiduciary issues, whhich will enhnace my ability to utilise conent in litigation.
- William T. C.
Great presentation style. Great material.
- Steven H.
Very informative. Good speaker.
- Belford L.
- James D.
Outstanding in breadth and depth.
- enrique t.
Interesting but too rushed. Needed to time himself or make twice as long.
- Gregor W.
Excellent presentation and handouts.
- Sherida S.
Great Advice, idea to sue for breach of fiduciary duty!!! Very dynamic, organized, clear. Thank you. Heard about this lawyer from an old friend. She said he was honest, ethical, excellent lawyer.
- Jennie T.
very thought provoking enjoyed it.
- barton s.
Dry topic. I stayed awake. What greater compliment? I even learned a few things, thank you.
- Jonathan S.
- Allison P.
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