Supreme Court Roundup - 2016 Term Reviews

Great lecture!
- Kristina S.
excellent discussion
- Robert H.
- Guidette L.
Informative and useful information. enjoyed the extraordinary quote by J. Sotomayor. Perhaps a harbinger of things to come.
- James B.
Interesting perspective from an experienced employment lawyer. I appreciated his insights into the current make-up of the court.
- Heather E.
Excellent lecturer!
- Lori G.
Excellent, Fascnating perspectives by this very knowledgeable and insightful presenter.
- Joel P.
Interesting view of the make up of the Court and being only a court of 8 and not 9.
- Nancy G.
Interesting developments
- Jack H.
very knowledgable about the course content. Has a tendency to read the material in a drone. Very interesting subject matter.
- Harriette L.
Very interesting.
- Eileen M.
Great presenter! I will return for his next Sup Ct update!
- charles w.
Overall, an excellent program. Would have appreciated in split screen reference to the statutes or refs at issue in each case.
- Richard S.
Well done fellas. So I guess they are going to hear none of it! I might have to watch again. Keep em coming!
- Richard H.
The written material could have been more thorough. Ideally it should match if not provide more than the audio presentation. But I appreciated the vast knowledge in this presentation.
- Neeraj J.
The instructor presumes that the student follows Constitutional Law to the same depth that he does and this his references to other cases are at too high a level. The course is good when he speaks of a case that is within the scope of your own practice. The fault may be on this student as the issues discussed do not come up in my daily practice.
- Joseph S.
Very informative and helpful!
- laura p.
Excellent review! I come back every year.
- Jennifer J.
I did not appreciate the presenter giving his own very biased political opinion regarding certain Justices, he needs to stick to the topic and quit the politics because there is too much of that crap right now.
- Mark P.
Entertaining le turner, etc good materials.
- Cheryl H.
- J G.
Excellent presentation.
- Rogelio P.
Very complete and concise update of Supreme Court recent opinions.
- Daniel C.
Quite enjoyable!
- susan y.
Attorney Fitzpatrick is a master in his field and found his lecture (two parts) to be professional, informative, and poignant regarding employment discrimination. Thank you.
- Jana C.
He's outstanding! Jim V.
- James V.
very interesting and informative
- Mark W.
I will definitely be looking for the video on the next term.
- Helen S.
Would have liked a little more case info/facts on the written materials.
- Kelley S.
Very knowledgeable speaker.
- Harry J N.
The lecturer noted the various implications of the recent decisions vis a vis the absence of Justice Scalia and his replacement. It was well done. I would be interested in hearing his assessment on post-election wrap ups as well. Thoughtful, insightful, and extremely well prepared lecture. I enjoyed it.
- Kevin D.
Excellent and interesting!
- Kristin R.
Pretty thorough!
- Nicholas W.
At first I thought -- oh no, an hour & 45 minutes of this?! Was pleasantly surprised by the cogent presentation.
- Barbara H.
Would be nice if the written materials contained case summaries for future review.
- Shawn G.
Very informative and timely.
- Sandy R.
There is a huge amount of material covered here. Good as an overview. Would take a semester to really get it.
- Harry R.
worth the time
- Dorianne R.
great stuff – thanks!
- Coreal R.
Focus on employment law early on was really a change of subject matter. Part II was closer to the mark. Speaker was very informed and knowledgeable but appeared to tire as he approached the end of the seminar.
- Thomas P.
This course was focused almost exclusively on employment law. The title to the course should reflect that focus
- David R.
Excellent speaker.
- Audrey S.
I thought this was great. I almost never take the time to complete written reviews for these courses, but I really liked this one. There is something very soothing and trustworthy about the instructor's voice and the content was very interesting and informative.
- Courtney S.
Focused too much on employment law
- Stuart S.
The speaker was very interesting and informative.
- Tiffany C.
Slides would have been more effective if summary of key holding for which the case can be cited had been included.
- John S.
Very well informed on the material. Very clear, concise review of the cases. Thank you!
- Denise W.
Learned a lot, thank you.
- Jonathan S.
Very informative and enjoyable.
- John E.
I thoroughly enjoy Mr. Fitzpatrick.
- Michael S.
Thank you for another informative presentation. The reading of portions of Justice Sotomayor decision was excellent. So true for what has been done, continues to be done to African Americans in certain states, if not in many staes.
- Jennie T.
Experienced, knowledgeable presenter!
- Sherri W.
A very good briefing for labor law practitioners. Really should be classified as a labor law offering. On the subject, an excellent presentation.
- Hans U.
Best video I've see so far
- James M.
The content could be presented in a better way
- Hanna S.
Very interesting
- Thomas T.
I would like this better if the slides had a summary of the majority and minority holdings and the impact. It would make it more useful to keep for the future.
- Norby F.
Thoughtful review.
- Sean M.
It was all about employment law, not much else.
- Janet L.
Good summary. E
- Eric S.
Excellent program. Well presented by obviously well versed expert. Great summary of significant 2016 decisions. His insights are very informative.
- Linda R.
Great update on Supreme Ct decision in 2016. Especially enjoyed hearing Justice Sotomayor's entire quote from her dissent in the Utah case. Makes me proud of my profession when I hear such hearty defense of our civil liberties!
- Cynthia H.
Should redo this in light of the election. A lot of speculation on trends no longer likely. Long Sotomayer quote not helpful or relevant to future cases.
- Steve M.
Statement of the holding or outcome would have been nice on the slides.
- Stanley P.
I would have liked the slides to contain a brief description of the case subject - would have been useful for referencing in future
- Josh L.
great presentation.
- Jyoti R.
The instructor should have presented more clearly and succinctly the ultimate ruling in each case. Even the cases where there was a split decision.
- Tauria S.
excellent overview of Supreme Court decisions
- Barbara E.
Well done. lots of information
- Rajish J.
Excellent presentation. I appreciated the manner in which the speaker categorized the various cases to more clearly place them into context.
- Edward V.
great review. Most informative.
- Dennis H.
I would like to see more criminal law cases discussed.
- Michael C.
Very informative and well-presented
- Sandra H.
- Michael D.
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