Startup Law Reviews

Very, very well presented by people who were obviously well versed in their respective topics. Extremely informative and worth the time!
- Diana C.
This was a great way to set up the presentation - really enjoyed it.
- Rene S.
This program was extremely well presented. The speakers were well informed on their respective areas, and they spoke clearly and concisely.
- William G.
Good program. I had mistakenly thought this was more general small business oriented vs. strongly new tech/product/etc. oriented so some of the content was not what I had been hoping for, however, was still fascinating and well presented.
- Anne R.
Well done! It was a simple but very comprehensive presentation of a relatively complex subject. It also helped that the format was more interactive (read: not boring) than most presentations/lectures.
- Rosalie B.
I love the format he uses to present his program and by bringing others in. The discussions are interesting. Great!
- Keri B.
Enjoyed the business and employment attorney portions.
Very entertaining format. Very hands on.
It was quite fulfilling. However, it might have been better if the monitor would have done his own talking instead of the parade of people presented. Certainly, he had the ability to express everything that his guests spoke about. Although each was very, knowledgeable, they caused confusion by their different styles of speaking and explaining.
- Jose A.
This exceeded my expectation. I was impressed at all of the components in a one hour course. Well done.
- James P.
presenters did great.
- charles g.
Too much discussion about California law, which is not helpful to a Florida lawyer.
- Joan k.
Liked the diversity of presenters.
- Joshua G.
I liked the program a lot. I learned a lot about business start ups, as well as a bit about immigration law, estate planning & wage and hour issues for employers. Very interesting
- Mark W.
I enjoyed the format with more of a panel discussion
- Douglas G.
Great course, basic start up information, geared toward more technical businesses.
- Sherita L.
good overview
- John L.
The presenters were clearly knowledgeable, but I would have liked to have seen more written materials related to business entity formation and HR issues
- James D.
Great substance and format. Thank you!
- Robert B.
Q and A format was really effective in making this a lively presentation.
- Robert A.
Very useful, practical information and good presentation.
- Rosemary P.
Oresented needs to not talk when other presenters are talking. Presenter constantly "acknowledges" other's statements whcih is distrating to audience.
- Edward S.
The discussion format was an excellent way to convey the information; much better than a straight lecture. If you work with start-ups or intend to, this is a very good overview of key issues.
- Marilyn Z.
- Mori N.
Thanks for the information
- Garrick F.
- John K.
Excellent general advice across several disciplines. I appreciated it! Nice to have more than one face and voice for the hour, too. Would love to see more programs use this format.
- Pamela S.
A good overview, but it seemed more geared towards potential clients that attorneys.
- Habeeb S.
A very engaging format that covers a wide-breath of starting any company. Highly recommended.
- Christine P.
great hosts
- joseph n.
I like this format to present information...engaging!
- Phyllis S.
Great topic and presenters. Couldn't open written materials.
- Lindsey P.
I wish the talks would go into a bit more depth.
- Lisa S.
helpful, good overview of multiple issues.
- Jane K.
Was expecting an organized overview of assisting a start-up. This was not it -- this was disjointed and random in structure.
- Lauren S.
This was very interesting and well done. I enjoyed that there were multiple attorneys involved in the presentation.
- Laura S.
Very informative.
- Don B.
Nice concise summary
- Gregory S.
Great CLE - need a break out course on FLSA issues
- Robert B.
good program
- Diane G.
I especially appreciated the additional specialists' advice throughout the MCLE.
- Denise S.
They made it more interesting than it probably was, good job
- Michael W.
Great presentation and informative. Thank you.
- Craig Kyle H.
The litigator was very good.
- walter o.
Very helpful for working with entrepreneurs!
- Nancy Lee W.
Interesting and attention grabbing. The moderator and his guest speakers were engaging. Good tone of voice. Kept the audience listening. Great information provided as well.
- Crisarla H.
I found the employment law content particularly valuable.
- Heidi O.
Really liked the moderator format with several presenters addressing their particular areas of expertise
- Janis W.
This course explores the different things a lawyer should do when starting his or her own law firm.
- Jeffrey N.
The host of the presentation was very good.
- George M.
very helpful info. thank you
- christina a.
Solid written materials would have been useful
- Karen B.
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