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I often wonder why people decide to become lawyers, but Brandon's was more of a natural progression for a Type A personality who was following his passion for sports. He is knowledgeable, enjoyable to watch and his passion and enjoyment for the practice of law in the professional sports industry comes through in this overview course. Best CLE I've seen with Lexvid yet.
- Charles B.
- Rennie R.
This is an area that has always interested me, but there is very little out there on sports law. This presentation made me aware of some of the various areas of sports law that I have never considered, or known 0f.
- Robert H.
Interesting overview
- Philip B.
Very interesting, nice presentation.
- Elise P.
This was a great and really informative look at this topic--instructor has great energy and is an outstanding presenter!
- Laurie H.
Excellent overview of Sports Law.
- John E.
Charming, engaging and very smart presentation.
- MaryBeth L.
Very informative overview.
- Raymond S.
I found the subject matter quite informative, but there was a problem with two to three second pauses throughout the video playback.
- Kathy S.
Excellent intro for someone who doesn't know anything about sports law. Instructor clearly loves the field.
- Katharine B.
Extremely informative presentation on a topic that I was not familiar with.
- Martha G.
This was a very interesting cpa, I highly recommend it.
- Jan B.
Excellent course!
- Shana S.
Excellent presentation
- Debra H.
Cool topic. Well done.
- Roger O.
Excellent speaker & presentation.
- Donald C.
Great presentation! This is a clear and well organized presentation on how to represent sports or sport related clients and the concerns that need to be addressed.
- Rachel R.
Great presenter who is passionate about his area of practice.
- Albert M.
Informative and interesting.
- John B.
Very well presented-with energy and enthusiasm.
- donald k.
Interesting overview
- Steven S.
interesting, even though its not my field. Thanks
- Steven M.
very good course. He covered a lot more material than I expected. I thought it would be limited to negotiating contracts for athletes, but it also included workers comp issues, morality clauses, personal issues with athlete clients. Very wide ranging
- Mark W.
Wow!!! This Guy knows his stuff!! It opens a whole new world (practice) for me. I will be contacting him for sure!! I hope he is accessible.
- Angel D.
Very well done at a high level of information
- Robert B.
This was an enjoyable CLE!
- Jeffrey H.
Very informative. Explains alot of things very well
- Mark K.
Excellent overview
- Daniel M.
Great overview. Clearly knows this area very well.
- Rene P.
Very easy to listen to.
- Gregory K.
This was an interesting and up-to-date overview of major league sports happenings. It was light on case law, but had a good dose of anecdotes and "sports stories." Would say it was a mile wide and an inch deep though.
- James D.
Excellent presentation. Great knowledge by the Speaker, Attorney Leopoldus.
Very entertaining and informative presentation.
- Steven H.
Great CLE topic !!!
- Harry J N.
Interesting topic - knowledgeable speaker.
- Lisa S.
The pesenter had vast kmowledge and practical experience in the area of sports law and provided a complete of the issues that may be encountered in this area. It is perhaps because of the breath of issues that were addressed he did not focus on any particular issue with sufficent depth to provide "eyeopening" insights during the course of the presentation. I would find it quite exciting if he gave a lecture that focused on a specific or one or two specific areas of sports practice, or looks at it from a particular peeerspective. For instance, a program entitled" Representing an Athlete Who Aspires to Playing Professional Sports", or "Developing A Sports Practice", or "How To Keep The Millionaire Professoinal Athlete From Being A Homeiess Former Professional Athlee Within 5 Years of Retirement".
- William T. C.
presenter really held my attention
- Alan G.
Excellent and informative by a real life Jerry McGuire.
- John W.
This is a great overview of many legal issues surrounding sports law.
- Dennis K.
Informative and authoritative.
- Lee R.
Congratulations. I have practiced in this area from time to time. You made complex issues easy to understand and interesting. One of the best MCLE classes in my 44 years in practice.
- Pierce O.
Subject matter was very general. I would look forward to other programs that zero in on the issues that were presented here as an overview.
- Thomas P.
The speaker was good and very knowledgeable.
- Audrey S.
Very good.
- Barbara Z.
Good outline and very well-spoken instructor. Clearly loves his work, and liked the practical insight.
- Marguerite R.
No real organization or direction.....but still good
- Richard P.
This was a great course.
- Garrick F.
This one was great....excellent speaker!
- christy d.
Brandon's delivery was so engaging and the material were presented in an interesting way while demonstrating his professional expertise. Good relevant examples.
- Linda T.
Most of the presentation was public knowledge, but an interesting umpire's point of view.
- Joel L.
I enjoyed the presentation, the speaker was very knowledgeable.
- Tiffany C.
Enjoyable presentation. Not much substance.
- Jonathan S.
Great coverage and really enjoyable to listen to.
- Avi W.
- Dana E.
Great presenter -- Animated and knowledgeable. Great overview of the area.
- Joshua G.
Sharp speaker. Engaging course.
- Timothy N.
Great overview of all of the key issues!
- Linda S.
Good subject knowledge.
- John G.
Good job of drawing attention to how the facts of "sports" are relevant in a variety of areas of the law.
- Judith T.
Great Course!
- Tyra P.
One of the best webinars I have ever viewed for CLE!
- Dorothy H.
Excellent overview of sports law and very well presented.
- Michael R.
Interesting topic and the presentation was well done.
- Christine R.
Great course, great lecturer!
- Brian H.
Presenter was excellent! Great delivery and not too complicated content for a novice in sports law.
- Sandra W.
Much better than other. Slides helpful and instructive, Great speaker , entertaining and informative
- Joseph M.
He is surprisingly good and made sports law a fascinating area of business law.
- Theodore M.
presenter provided a good overview and was interesting
- brian m.
- Stephanie B.
It would be helpful to know the date of the recordings.
- Marvin F.
Speaker was excellent!
- Laura S.
excellent course. very comprehensive overview.
- Barbara E.
Excellent work!
- Craig Kyle H.
One of my all time favorite CLEs. Thank you
- william y.
Very informative and well done
- Kevin P.
This speaker was lively and energetic. If the speakers moved around just a bit, perhaps to write on a board or make points that way, it would be a little more interesting, as the speakers just sit in one place the whole time. Still, I am happy to have found your service! It's great to watch lectures at home and in my pajamas.
- Deana P.
Excellent, enjoyable presentation from a personable and obviously knowledgeable attorney.
- Terri W.
This was the best course I've viewed thus far on the Lexvid platform - he was an outstanding presenter, and very engaging.
- Stella M.
Cool topic! Thanks for the interesting introduction.
- Heather E.
excellent and interesting program.
- Leonard W.
Great Course.
- Budiono L.
- Julie T.
pretty general, but a good overview of the subject
- Steven S.
This presenter loves his work - so refreshing to see!
- Rene S.
excellent and extremely knowledgeable presenter.
- Jim D.
Presentation was very good. I wanted more "how to" represent the gifted athlete
- William B.
- David B.
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