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Michael Sack Elmaleh

Michael Sack Elmaleh

- Adjunct Instructor in mathematics, statistics, economics, accounting and finance for ten years in Wisconsin and Maryland. 

- Partner and sole proprietor of accounting practices in Madison, Wisconsin for 17 years.

- Certified Public Accountant and Certified Valuation Analyst.

- BA in philosophy and psychology, MS in accounting and an MA in philosophy all from University of Wisconsin.

- My first book, Financial Accounting: A Mercifully Brief  Introduction was recently released. Previous publications include articles in professional journals on valuation theory, taxation and accounting.  I have also written numerous political commentaries in Madison newspapers. Many years of community and political activism.


Attorneys and judges encounter the issue of goodwill in closely held businesses in a number of legal contexts. In part two of this course, business valuation expert Michael Sack Elmaleh will drill down to the economic substance of enterprise goodwill from both the...
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Attorneys and judges commonly encounter the issue of goodwill in closely held businesses in divorce, estate & gift tax, and business transactions. Traditionally, trial courts and attorneys rely on appraisal experts to determine the value of goodwill. This course...
Credits CA1.50
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