Bill Beck

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Buffalo, NY
Bill Beck

1. Graduated from Syracuse in 2013 2. Started at a private firm in Hamburg, NY was there for about 2 ½ years 3. Joined a public defender’s office in 2016, that’s where I received most of my trial work and training 4. Did two week long trial trainers, one in Troy,NY and one in Rochester, NY 5. Member of New York state Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and a member of their prosecutorial and judicial complaint committee 6. Since my time at the Public Defender’s office, I have ran my own practice in Erie County while also just recently accepting a position with my current office, Tupchik Legal Group doing mainly criminal defense and some family law.


This program covers the law, goals, form, and structure of closing arguments in a criminal trial.
Credits CA1.00
NY1.00(Includes 1.00 Skills)
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