Barbara Durham

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San Diego, California
Barbara Durham

Barbara Durham, Partner of Durham-Newton Legal Nurse Consulting, is coming up on a decade of nursing experience. Her areas of personal expertise include perinatal services/neonatal intensive care, pediatrics, and pediatric intensive care. Throughout her career, she has worked in many hospitals, having worked as a traveling RN for about five years. Practicing nursing in multiple hospital settings piqued her interest in the inner workings of healthcare practice, and what that means for patient care. Barbara was inspired to become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant© when she realized how useful her first-hand medical and nursing knowledge is to attorneys. She likes to say she is “fluent in medicine,” and she knows the medical record can be a lawyer’s greatest tool. As an expert in reviewing and interpreting patient medical records Barbara is passionate about making sure attorneys are empowered by their medical records, not impaired by them.


In recent years, doctors are beginning to be held legally accountable for the opiate-related deaths of their patients. This program will look at what this trend means for lawyers, and will help lawyers optimize the medical records pertaining to these cases.
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