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Goodwill in Small Service Businesses: A Guide for Attorneys & Judges - Part 1 Reviews

Instructor is very knowledgeable and I like the way he presents the material. It's more like a conversation than a lecture. Thank you!
- Raquel K.
Very clear and thought-provoking look at valuations. The pace is just right for grasping the key concepts.
- Steve L.
Excellent. Look forward to part two.
- William B.
Well presented. Instructor is very knowledgeable.
- Robert C.
Too technical for my practice but very thorough.
- joe m.
Very good
- Jerry G.
Excellent presentation. Well done!
- johnson s.
Interesting. Learned a lot.
- ana florencia i.
Very informative.
- Francesca E.
It went from reasonably understandable to something like quantum physics within the span of 90 minutes.
- William C.
Now I have to view the second part to know what really does make sense!
- Debora J.
Thank you.
- melanie m.
Very helpful. Explained well.
- brad h.
Excellent in every way, but more importantly- real
- Guy M.
Presenter was interested in explaining his basis for concluding that the process of business evaluation has not been credible over a number of different analysis theory. Definitely keeps your attention.
- Donald L.
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