Selected Issues for In-House & Outside Counsel

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Selected Issues for In-House & Outside Counsel
Selected Issues for In-House & Outside Counsel

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Course Description

Keep up with the latest issues affecting in-house and outside counsel with this program that compiles multiple presentations given at the Network for Trial Law Firm's quarterly conference. This program consists of the following presentations:

Defending Product and Service Providers Overseas: As U.S. companies expand their global footprints, conduct in other countries can lead to litigation here. Manufacturing processes and incidents occurring in foreign countries, violations of foreign standards and documents generated by overseas affiliates can become fodder for, if not the centerpiece of, claims brought in the United States. Trial lawyer Joe Krasovec presents strategies and tactics to increase the likelihood that what happens overseas stays there.

Manage Your Case From Product Failure Through Trial: Trial lawyer Cooper Ashley completed a 2-week federal jury trial recovering more than $1M as a result of damage to product caused by an outside vendor. Consider how you would manage the investigation, testing, recall, customer communications and trial of a product failure case.

Strategic Pointers for Non-Compete & Trade Secret Litigation: Employees and executives changing jobs can put their companies on one side or the other of non-compete and trade secret disputes and suits. Trial lawyer Steve Fogg has litigated these cases from both sides of the fence. He shares strategic insights to achieve your goals, whether as plaintiff or defendant.

Length: 54min

Member Reviews

Excellent course - especially enjoyed the Non-Compete Presentation by Mr. Fogg (very helpful tips - thank you).
- Lorraine K.
Great speaking voice, easy to listen to.
- Stephan P.
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