Selected Ethical Issues for Litigators & Business Attorneys

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CA1.00(Includes 1.00 Ethics)
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Selected Ethical Issues for Litigators & Business Attorneys
Selected Ethical Issues for Litigators & Business Attorneys

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Course Credit Hours: CA 1 Ethics
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Course Description

Here, a trio of highly qualified attorneys take on emerging ethical issues pertaining to litigators, in-house counsel, employment lawyers, and business attorneys alike. Part 1 of this course is comprised of the following lectures:

Ethics: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - International commercial lawyer and litigator Luis Perez explains the FCPA, its anti-bribery fines and penalties provisions, discusses DOJ and SEC enforcement trends and addresses some of the ethical considerations facing management and counsel after discovering that a violation has taken place.

Ethics: Effect of Corporate IT Policies on Otherwise Privileged Communication - Personal use of corporate IT resources has become commonplace and, in some instances, essential for busy employees. If the company has an IT monitoring policy, however, that policy could prevent any privilege from attaching to personal communications from company employees to third parties that pass through the company's server. Counsel should be aware of the effect these corporate IT policies have (or could have) on evidentiary privileges and, therefore, the scope of discoverable information in various litigation settings.

Ethics: Navigating the Perils and Promises of Social Networking - In-house counsel need to promulgate policies and spread the word in the workplace about the use of social media by company employees, vendors and professionals to protect the company from unnecessary brush fires that could burn out of control. Ethical limitations on lawyers direct or indirect communication with jurors and parties in litigation, through LinkedIn and Facebook groups, "friending," "liking," posting, etc.

Published: 11/2012

Length: 1hr 0min

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Very professionally present. Clear and relevant. Made the topic very interesting.
- Milan R.
One of the best programs I've seen. Both the presenters and materials were relevant, current and top notch.
- Paul D.
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