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Running on Empty: the Epidemic of Professional Burnout Reviews

Excellent course content and superb presentation. Very engaging and informative!
- Jose Luis M.
Upbeat and practical advice, presented efficiently and with a welcome degree of humility about the subject
- Erin O.
Best speaker on the subject I've ever had. More please.
- Geoffrey G.
Interesting information. Great presentation. Well done.
Well presented and sensible informaiton for all attorneys.
best presentation I have seen on this in our professional capacity
- steven m.
I found this course very useful. Excellent presentation.
- Shevon F.
Just what I needed at this time!! Helps me keep this whole profession "human".
- B. Patricia W.
thanks for a good and healthy reminder.
- Brian S.
I enjoyed the relaxed presentation chock full of good information.
- Philip B.
Good, commonsense suggestions for dealing with long term attorney stresses
- Janis W.
- Eric M.
Loved his conversational and likeable style. Made the topic very accessible and interesting.
- Jennifer H.
Terrific and very interesting speaker!
- Camille L. H.
Great subject matter and speaker. Could not hear audience questions at end.
- Ernest C.
One of the best presentations on Lawyer burnout and mental health that I have seen! I plan to use this information in a variety of ways, professionally and personally! Well Done!
- Kristine R.
Very informative.
- Robert C.
Nicely done. Lots of good reminders and recommendations.
- gary t.
Excellent presentation. I suffer from long termed, now advanced Prostate Cancer. Of course the treatment for it has added to my burnout. I can't afford to retire. However, I hate having to admit to an overbearing judge or opponent that there are times when the treatment is a world of it's own. I'd like some guidance in this respect.
- James F.
- Eileen M.
I would have liked to have seen a pan over to or camera switch to his slides whenever he changed slides so that I could have what he stated reinforced.
- Carol G.
The course he teaches covers an important topic, and he does it in a clear, concise, engaging manner. Worth the watch!
- Carey W.
Likable guy. I enjoyed this.
- shelly b.
Outstanding CLE, very informative and relevant.
- Susan G.
Excellent presentation
- Lawrence D.
this is an excellent session. It taught me a lot of things that I can personally do to avoid burnout.
- Amy E.
After having just read a review in my state bar journal about higher issues with substance abuse, mental health issues, and general dissatisfaction with the profession, this was a well timed CLE. I have several ideas of how to keep my life better balanced. My favorite takeaway is that "white-knuckling" through something is actually a disservice to you, your clients, and your family. Being over stressed causes poorer performance. So to be a better attorney, take care of yourself because - as the speaker noted - "you are the product".
- Anne R.
Very interesting......learned some "tricks of the trade".......
- Luis F. G.
Truly outstanding, engaging, thought provoking, helpful, interesting, relevant.
- Karen H.
Excellent speaker and content
- geral s.
He's got a lot of good advice and he's very easy to listen to.
- Diane G.
Relaxed speaking style was perfect for this topic.
- Channing S.
Great speaker. Real-life examples were very helpful.
- Connie D.
A serious subject treated with a light touch and a good dose of humor. He's an extremely good presenter, with anecdotes that were right on target. Good use of the notes pane nest to the presenter pane.
- Russell M.
This really resonated with me. I am going to view this video a couple more times when I get the chance. I especially liked the "make time for friends" and "perfection leads to procrastination" parts.
- Kathryn T.
Good material. Presenter seems like a very nice guy, but kind of a goofball. Giggles at his own jokes a lot, which I found distracting.
- William C.
This program includes some helpful insights about stressors common to practicing law. Some parts were specific to the California bar's Lawyer Assistance Program, and I practice in Arizona, so that didn't help me much although I know AZ has something similar. There is a Q & A at the end but you can't hear the questions and they're not repeated at the beginning of the answers. This presentation was done to a group, so it feels a little more lively than the lecture-from-your-desk format of most other LexVid presentations. The speaker is likeable and it keeps moving at a reasonable pace.
- Robert E.
Excellent speaker with great material and wonderful delivery. Was a delight to watch.
- Thomas L.
Good course. He hits a number of important points very succinctly.
- James D.
- edward k.
Guy appears to be knowledgeable, but presents as a bit too giddy for my taste.
- Donald C.
- Rennie R.
this presenter was great..refreshing
- Peter C.
Interesting and unique topic.
- Joshua G.
- John D.
A really good series of reminders and resources for Attorneys to take care of themselves so that they can serve their clients needs better.
- Linda Kay J.
An easy 50 minutes.
- Donald L.
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