Persuading Trial Judges Reviews

Very good and extremely practical.
- John K.
I saved my legal writing textbooks even when others were sold or given away. Whatever happens in law practice, you always need great writing. This course is also one I will save, because in just one hour, it refocused me to write better, briefer briefs and master momentous moving papers.
- Lenore R.
Very organized and interesting presentation.
- Andrea J.
"Be brief, be good, be gone." Great advice for persuasive legal writing. A very effective lecture with relevant examples of both good and bad motion writing.
- Glen O.
The program was VERY informative, and interesting.!!!!!!!!
- Willis B.
I enjoyed this course. Prompted me to think critically about how I begin my briefs.
- Scott S.
Slides were presented for download but not shown in or alongside the video.
- Anthony E.
Many good ideas.
- Mary Ellen R.
the course was very informative. However, I had technical difficulties throughout the program. I was not able to advance the slides or download the written materials.
- Patricia T.
The Instructor came across as a very experienced litigator. I liked his practical advice.
- Kevin O.
Excellent presentation. I have downloaded and saved the material for reference. I highly recommend.
- Cynthia B.
Good instructor. Wouldn't have minded having the content slides displayed alongside him, but that's minor.
- Joseph N. W.
Likely best taken in person bc activities do not translate well to online audience. Any course that teaches better writing and provides simple examples is a good course.
- Frank G.
Helpful refresher
- Virginia T.
I thought I had good writing skills but this presentation showed me how to greatly improve them. An extremely valuable presentation.
- David B.
put sides up while speaking
- James S.
This course is a gold nugget. All the tips provided to present succinct information to present to judge are greatly welcomed. This instructor is one of my favorite speakers. He has a way of making the instructions have a flow. Loved it. Recommend it.
- Margarita P.
The presenter was engaging and persuasive. However the written materials were not in sync with the audio or video. Also some more thorough examples would have helped. But this was a valuable course.
- Neeraj J.
Good presentation. Informal and good.
- Walter B.
very personable PRESENTER. very WELL DONE.
- John B M.
Great points on brevity and quality of briefs. Very well done.
- Paul S.
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