Opening Statements: Tips of the Trade Reviews

Excellent presentation.
- Noe P.
Good Suggestions throughout. Thank you!
- Caprice G.
Well done!!!
- Edward B.
Thank you.
- Ricardo P.
Excellent. Very smart lawyer.
- LaDonna W.
Good Presentation
- Theodore S.
This is a beginner level course and geared specifically for criminal jury trials, although much of it applies to civil cases. The approach is practical and the instructor's presentation is clear and methodical. I recommend it for attorneys who are approaching their first trial or want to sharpen their rusty skills.
- Robert E.
Excellent presentation!
- Fay Angela J.
Great tips!
- Rebecca F.
a little disappointed in this program. The presenter just went over some BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT OPENING STATEMENTS, and it wasn't enough to fill the hour, so it was repeated several times. I think it would have been more informative and more interesting if the presenter gave a sample opening statement
- Mark W.
Lot's of helpful tips and information.
- Logan G.
Very good refresher on the nuts and bolts of an effective Opening Statement.
- Mark O.
Good program. Pretty basic.
- Thomas P.
The course description should have mentioned that it involved opening statements in criminal trials, not civil trials. That would have been good to know before I hit "play"
- Terry T.
Excellent presentation.
- Michael R. S.
Clear and compelling. She's right...a great way to learn is to watch how others do it.
- Phyllis S.
This webinar was excellently filled with sound advice, thought provoking and creativety provoking insights. I found the presenter to be personally engaging and fully inferred that that personal ability to engage was underlyingly implied throughout.
- Thomass b.
Excellent program, very good teacher
- Diane G.
Course material could have been presented in a more organized manner.
- Nicole S.
This was a great re-fresher for me. It opened my mind to some new ideas for my opening statements.
- Annette D.
Good Course. Short and to the point.
- Shawn K.
Useful and practical information.
- Charlene R.
Excellent Clear and very pragmatice
- Bruce D S.
Excellent presentation
- Lori G.
If I needed a criminal defense lawyer, I would hire her!
- Cathy E.
Great Opening Lecture
- YoungKi R.
well done!
- John M.
This presentation was succinct and fact filled. The accompanying slides were helpful.
- Ann F.
overall good overview
- Patrick L.
Very useful insight.
- Robert T.
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