Threats to Privacy Rights: The Chilling Effects of Online Surveillance

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Course Description

Recent revelations made by Edward Snowden revealed that the American Government was collecting mass amounts of data on its citizens without warrant or any specific suspicion of criminal activity. Many scholars believe that this is an abuse of rights granted by the constitution, while the debate continues on whether Snowden engaged in criminal activity or was simply a "Whistleblower" under federal law. Join First Amendment lawyer Larry Walters as he explores this controversial topic. Among other subjects, Mr. Walters will cover the NSA's relevant policies and activities, the many chilling effects thought to result from such activities, and the legislation proposals meant to limit the NSA.

Length: 52min

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Really interesting material. Everyone should take this course.
- Gary G.
Extremely well presented. Valuable learning experience.
- Milan R.
Great Presentation!
- Jeremy D.
Exceptionally good program.
- Jill K.
Very interesting and informative!
- James S.
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Meet the Lecturer(s)

Lawrence G. Walters

Lawrence G. Walters heads up Walters Law Group,, an ‘AV’ rated (preeminent) law firm concentrating in First Amendment, Internet, Intellectual Property, and Gaming law. Mr. Walters is an accomplished civil rights advocate, a widely published author, and a well-known public speaker. He maintains a nationwide practice representing the online entertainment industry and other media outlets. He has practiced law for over 30 years and is often consulted as a national expert on legal issues pertaining to free speech and the Internet. Mr. Walters has been involved in several U.S. Supreme Court cases dealing with First Amendment issues. He regularly contributes to television news programs on networks such as NBC, ABC, PBS, BBC, CBC, FNC, MSNBC, CNBC, and CNN. During his career, Mr. Walters has served as the past president and national chairman of the First Amendment Lawyers Association, a Law Studies professor at the University of Central Florida, and a Director of his local Bar Association and Chamber of Commerce. He has published numerous law review articles and book chapters and is a frequent CLE presenter. His awards include Media Lawyer of the Year, First amendment Lawyer of the Year, and recognition as a Superlawyer in 2020 and 2021.

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