Threats to Privacy Rights: The Chilling Effects of Online Surveillance Reviews

Really interesting material. Everyone should take this course.
- Gary G.
Extremely well presented. Valuable learning experience.
- Milan R.
Great Presentation!
- Jeremy D.
Exceptionally good program.
- Jill K.
Very interesting and informative!
- James S.
Good coverage of the issues with Government surveillance. The video presentation though appeared to be a little dated as it was taped in 2014. Also, although the concerns the presenter presented are legitimate, there was an appearance of bias versus just presenting the law and status of case law.
- Marsha D.
Wow! Scary! Excellent speaker explaining complex issues.
- Linda S.
Chilling and surreal to watch this in the context of where we are in late 2018. Well presented, effectively covering much material seamlessly, and to the point even if I'm not sure I'll be applying this information to my current practice much.
- Adella W.
Very good course
- Alexander C.
Fascinating subject matter, particularly in light of the recent Facebook "scandal."
- Linda V.
- Maurice H.
Amazingly insightful and revealing course, information every attorney NEEDS.
- Henry L.
- Gabriel d.
Extraordinarily interesting in light of current events.
Scary program. Extremely timely, given the current (04/18) issues with FISA court, IRS and DOJ.
- Justin B.
Very informative and the speaker can use voice inflection (unlike many other presenters).
- Charles C.
Best and most informative lecture i have heard from this company.
- Cary F.
Very good! Again, could be updated as all time sensitive material.
- Amindra B.
Best content and presentation of any course I have seen so far.
- Todd E.
Great presentation.
- Emily S.
Very interesting!
- Royce B.
- James S.
Informative as well as anxiety producing in revealing what is hidden behind the curtain.
- Edward B.
This was most interesting CLE I have taken in years if not ever. Clear, concise and informative. Great speaker and useful materials
- Arthur S.
- ami f.
- Ellen T.
Content was excellent and informative.
- Lori B.
Great course, but FISA and NSA surveillance are now major political issues. An updated course is needed.
- John E.
Excellent material
- Richard H.
Excellent presentation and breath of the surveillance concern on the 1st and 4th amendments.
- Donald L.
Very interesting material
- Cristina M.
Great one
- Joey S.
I appreciate that the presenter announced where he was relative to the pages in the written material from time to time.
- Anthony E.
- Joe V.
Insightful and frightening. Thank-you.
- Mark A.
Outstanding and interesting course!
- Patrick M.
Great topic!
- Mary Ann P.
This is an excellent program that covers just how wide in scope government surveillance has become and how to protect privacy rights.
- Rachel R.
- Rennie R.
very good presentation.
- charles g.
Excellent & a bit scary!
- susan y.
Really powerful and timely. Glad he's on the watchtower!
- Dykes E.
excellent and illuminating
- Oleg R.
This CLE course is perhaps one of the most outstanding presentations I have participated in. The presenter was articulate. He held my attention and the subject matter was compelling. It would be tremendous of all presentations arose to this quality.
- Karen A.
Big Brother is watching us all ... Patriot Act = Undeclared Marshall Law. Thanks for exposing the truth further
- David V.
Very compelling lecture. I enjoy this speaker a lot.
- Mark W.
Enjoyed the history of the Act and the possibilities of revisions to the patriot act
- Joseph B.
an eye-opener. The general populace needs to see a program like this!
- Helen S.
just great
- Mitchell F.
Love the subject matter. Keep spreading the word and protecting our rights!
- Scott T.
The MOST engrossing and CHILLING presentation of the entire 20+ hours of CLE courses I have undertaken on LexVid. Furthermore, the contents of this course should be made known to every American citizen, not just legal practitioners who specialize in First Amendment legal practice.
- Bonnie S.
- Hilario M.
Excellent presentation; the speaker is easy to understand and the materials were eye-opening. Maybe not immediately relevant to my estate planning practice, and certainly hope much of the content remains irrelevant to me personally. Thanks.
- Belford L.
A timely eye opener.
- david r.
Extremely informative and a bit frightening.
- Craig B.
Very good course. It provided current information that is relevant in the United States today.
- David W.
This subject is more important than ever under the Trump Administration. Great presentation.
- Tanya W.
The emphasis on surveillance's chilling effect on free speech is well taken. It is analogous to the fact that future historians will have less written record of presidential administrations as executive branch personnel are increasingly loath to put things in writing
- Russell P.
- Jesse T.
Excellent , well presented, and very informative.
- John W.
Just Because You're Paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't watching you! Great discussion of the state of intrusion into privacy by Government.
- Harry R.
Not just interesting but eye opening. A must see.
- David P.
I loved the content. Clearly an expert and it was very informative. Helpful for people working on constitutional rights etc. I really loved this!
- Monet Z.
Very interesting discussion. Sounds like a John Grisham or Tom Clancy novel . . . .
- Julie S.
This presentation's material opened my eyes to the substantial infringement of the individual's privacy freedom that appears to have occurred of which a large segment of the public is ignorant both of that degree and its implications.
- Donald W.
A compelling topic and well presented. A followup and updated session would be welcomed.
- Raymond S.
Truly excellent
- e. robert w.
Great program. Excellent overview of the battle lines between security needs and privacy rights.
- Thomas P.
Very informative course.
- Audrey S.
good, scary, stuff. thanks!
- Coreal R.
Very interesting. I chose this course do to the recent General Flynn issue talking to the Russian Officials. Really learned a lot. Jim D.
- D C Jim D.
Really enjoyed this.
- Julie C.
Very informative, can use these tips in my personal life and at the firm
- Whittney J.
This course was timely, fascinating and frightening. The instructor did an excellent job.
- La Donna C.
Very informative but needs to be updated.
- Marilyn Z.
Excellent course and content. Fascinating subject. Presenter is compelling and engaged (occasionally a little fumbled in his slides!)
- Marianne R.
Excellent program! Would like to see updated information.
- Larry K.
Excellent presentation--this one really got my attention! This is the time to protect our Constitutional way of life!
- Barbara R.
Very well done! Very informative and exceptionally well presented!
- Robert O.
An excellent summary of the threats of NSA surveillance and USAFreedom.
- Thomas V.
I appreciated the lecturer's knowledge and viewpoint, and also appreciated his occasionally linking his presentation to the slides, by number. Very helpful integration of printed materials into verbal presentation.
- Pamela S.
Great presentation!
- Elizabeth Z.
This was a very informative review of 1st and 4th amendent Freedom of Expression and Privacy Rights being infringed upon all U.S. citizens by government agencies.
- Patrick S.
- Stuart S.
- Gary R.
Probably the most interesting seminar I've attended in years. Ominous and thought provoking.
- John E.
Great presenter, extremely informational and interesting!
- Miguel T.
Excellent speaker. The listener should be able to tell by the inflections in his voice that he is very concerned about the damage government spying does.
- Robert w.
Instructor presented a wealth of information effectively and in a concise manner. Only drawback was a technical one as the slides did not automatically progress along with lecture, but this might have been my fault. It began automatically and then needed to be moved forward manually.
- Monica S.
Very informative
- Gary M.
Very interesting presentation.
- Christopher S.
Excellent & informative!
- Dawn Z.
Outstanding, informative and well-paced!
- John David Y.
Very good
- William W.
would have loved some supreme court cases included
- Lisa T.
very important information
- Mark Z.
an excellent presentation of a serious constitutional issue.
- william s.
good written outline bullet points
- james t.
Excellent survey course to cover an issue that is not readily available.
- Daniel C.
Excellent course!
- Deanna S.
Troubling topic covered well in an hour.
- Don B.
This course is more important to me as a citizen than as a lawyer!
- Judith T.
- Roger S.
excellent course, very topical
- Paul K.
Mind boggling!
- Jane C.
Excellent tone. I appreciate the presenter's professionalism.
- Maureen W.
Excellent and timely presentation. It teaches as much or more about what we need to know as citizens as it does about what we need to know as lawyers.
- Michael G.
presenter is excellant
- kenny c.
very interesting and informative.
- Larry S.
Slides were especially helpful.
- Marisa S.
Very interesting presentation.
- Karen H.
- Nancy Lee W.
provide some background into the technology of how nsa does it.
- Kenneth E.
Great course. Slide verbage a little small and not easy to read.
- Nancy S.
This course should be shown in every high school - it is not just vital for lawyers.
- Lenore R.
Relevant to the era.
- Jeffrey F.
depressing, but informative!
- Neil C.
Excellent, yet scary.
- Bernadine S.
Before you engage in any conversation pertaining to surveillance, you need to watch this program. Excellent!
- Dennis H.
Excellent. I would love to see this course updated to account for the Trump regime.
- Guy C.
An excellent presentation. Superbly delivered.
- Morton S.
Through and informative.
- James A.
Good course.
- Robert G.
Fabulous presentation of information we should all know! Presented by a clear master, in a fashion easy to absorb and remember. Thank you!
- Diana C.
Fascinating, excellent delivery of timely information.
- Ellen P.
Just frightening!
- Janis W.
- William H.
Best of all I have seen thus far.
- William S.
A bit frightening, but very interesting.
- Stacy B.
Presenter provided a clear, concise, practical, easy to follow webinar I have ever attended.
- Nicole F.
Very well done.
- James Michael P.
Very Interesting
- Troy N.
Really enjoyed this instructor. Hope to see more offerings from him.
- Pattie C.
- Aaron D.
he's the guy
- John M.
This was more an overview of the state of things than a legal learning course.
- Kathryn G.
I do not practice in any area to which the subject area is even remotely applicable, but I have a personal interest in the subject and found the course highly informative. My only preference would be to have the option to download so that I had more listening options (while driving, exercising, etc.) which would also allow me to listen to it numerous times for maximum benefit.
- Alison B.
Very enlightening course.
- Joseph G.
Very interesting subject matter.
- Kristina G.
Extremely interesting and informative discussion.
- Kenneth O.
Great information!
- Jaclyn O.
very good and informative presentation
- Ronald D.
Timely, informative, and very well presented.
- bernard c.
Really interesting! Ty
- catherine a.
Very interesting, and good options presented.
- Alice A.
Very Informative
- Nicholas K.
Very interesting!
- Judy J.
Provocative and informative
- Ronald V.
Thought this would be boring but, on the contrary, it is excellent material and presentation. I learned things I didn't even know I didn't know - and need to know! ' Will view it second time.
- Linda R.
Most interesting I just did not realize the scope and broadness of the 4th amendment violations by our own governement
Could be a little less anti-government, and could use more discussion on relevant case law as well as statutes. Most of the content I've read from general news sources. In other words, focus more from attorney perspective.
- Lyndon C.
- Donald J. G.
Great presentation!
- Lizette E.
Outstanding review of the many challenges facing the first amendment.
- Brian E.
OMG That was excellent but frightening! I want to show it to my kids. Please advice how I can obtain copy for future viewing.
- Eurus C.
- Gisele A.
An update with the San Francisco AT&T litigation would be great.
- Samuel B.
Very interesting!
- Rebecca K.
The instructor is highly knowledgable in first and fourth amendment matters and his presentation gave me much information to consider as it applies to my clients and to my own personal life. I highly recommend the course.
- Suzanne M.
This should replace the evening news.
- Thomas S.
The speaker needs to update this topic in a new talk. It is an important topic. Best program.
- Cameron S.
Really eye opening! Thank you!
- Jason M.
- Wendell D.
Excellent presentation!
- Lori G.
I would have preferred even more data and references for the presenter's information. Otherwise, an excellent speaker.
- Donna K.
Very informative presentation.
- Anthony T.
Great CLE. Really interesting and informative.
- Syntha Holly B.
excellent and surfaced my ambivalence days after Paris massacre
- Jonathan D.
- kathleen k.
Excellent, timely subject
- Joan C.
- thomas m.
- Barry B.
- geral s.
I like this speaker - he is interesting and relevant. My only concern is that his personal views were very obvious in this presentation and it was not presented from an unbiased perspective.
- Sheetal F.
great job on this!
- Michelle M.
Well done!
- Crosby L.
Very informative! Enjoyed this seminar!! Thank you.
- Julie T.
Best course I've "attended."
- Somer B.
- Michael C.
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