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Mindfulness Essentials for Professionalism Reviews

Wonderful, helpful, insight into effective practice of law. Mindfulness should be a part of all law school, ethical and practice requirements as well as CLEs.
- Noemi P.
- Thomas G.
Excellent. A must see.
- Jack A.
Great stuff. This type of information should be mandatory for lawyers. I have had to take cover the law practices of two different alcoholics. What a shame.
- Pattie C.
I'm not sure how practical Ms. Cohen's advice is. After all, some opposing counsel will continue being obnoxious until they find an comment or an issue that causes a reaction. However, I found her voice and presentation so soothing that I liked it anyway. Some remarks in the early minutes of her talk on the nature of the profession and legal practice are so on point that I would encourage the Bar to require all law school applicants to confirm that they've listened to them before their application is considered.
- William C.
The first time a description of mindfulness made sense. Valuable information, not just for the practice of law, but for life in general.
- Vera N.
amazing! I wouldn't mind more like this! everyone needs this in their lives and practices!
- Kristin C.
I liked it.
- Michael S.
I had so much "judgy" skepticism about this, but it really broke through. Very wise words from an interesting teacher with a broad view of the all-too-ignored aspects of practicing law.
- Jon J.
I liked the comment about how you can waste more time and make it worse by hating that you have the problem.... but in the end its all just words.
- conrad j.
This is a great course to teach lawyers ways of giving peace to the mind and not letting feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed cause harm to the many people who are involved in any practice of law.
- Rachel R.
Nicely done!
- Maureen T.
Love this woman! Would take any and every course she teaches. I'ma litigator who left the law for so many of the reasons she sights attorneys are unhappy - the practice requires and cultivates characteristics unhealthy and antithetical to my values. I also now teach yoga and incorporating mindfulness into the practice of law is genius and something i hope to do when i go back into the field. Improve it with all the things i now know from studying and teaching yoga rather than leave the industry altogether!
- Lisa P.
Wonderful program, thank you.
- Joanne R.
Good refreshing reminders. Nice cle
- Geoffrey G.
I was initially skeptical of this program but I was quickly won over by the presenter and her earnestness.
- Derek S.
would have preferred if she did more than just lecture and gave us mindfulness exercises or tools to use to practice
- YuYee W.
Excellent presentation by someone who is clearly an expert in her field. A written outline for download would have been helpful.
- Thomas N.
Very thoughtful content!
- Robert S.
She really captures a lot of the issues facing lawyers today.
- Jeremy S.
Powerful and insightful!
- Andrea N.
Really enjoyed the presentation and think it is incredibly important for attorneys to incorporate mindfulness into their practices. The article attached to the program is very informative too.
- Caroline P.
Excellent program. Highly recommend for stressed out lawyers. (If there's any other kind, I imagine they found what is presented in this video.)
- Lisa W.
- Marci U.
I appreciated Ms. Cohen's organized presentation of the subject matter. Her points were clear and easy to follow on the video. I thought Ms. Cohen's introduction was particularly effective, where she highlights the mental issues, conditions of lawyering, and training characteristics that can work against being competent.
- Henry S.
Very good perspective and tips!
- Milissa S.
Wan't sure want to expect, but very informative and interesting with may practical examples.
- Robert S.
This course should be mandatory in law school! Sorely needed!
- Christina C.
I like the idea of competence better that learning about substance abuse each year.
- Mary S.
Great subject, something all in this profession should consider.
- Veronica S.
I really appreciated this program. It is very timely and important.
- Courtney S.
Thank you! I am recommending this course to students.
- Nerissa S.
Thank you! this kind of focus is long overdue not only in our profession but in all aspects of life. I wonder how different the world would be if this was a topic emphasized and taught to children on our schools.
- Timothy S.
5 stars!!
- christopher r.
This may be the best analysis I've heard of the stresses and situations lawyers deal with. Should be required listening for anyone thinking about law school.
- Julie S.
Great course! Very helpful tips for mindfulness - should be a part of all law school curriculum!
- Kayla X.
- Mori N.
A great course.
- Barbara S.
it was a very comfortable and professional presentation. she was good
- Debra O.
One of the best CLE presentations I've ever seen/heard.
- M Scott M.
This should be on the curriculum of every law school.
- Jane R.
I tried to leave blank the questions on written materials, but the program disallowed. There were no written materials. There should be an N/A option in the questions.
- John W.
Enjoyable video! Even though I am aware of many mindfulness techniques, the instructor offered a comprehensive and very targeted lesson on what attorneys face every day.
- Lillian R.
makes lots of sense to calm yourself daily, hourly, every minute to react and judge more wisely........thanks for program.
- John Z.
Exceptional material!! Applicable to all aspects of life as well as great lawyering!
- Monica S.
Even her voice relieved stress.
- Seda N.
- Natalie L.
Competence is mindfulness. Love it.
- Christine S.
- Roger W.
Presenter Judi Cohen has such a calm and peaceful manner. This program was a good way to begin the day. Thank you.
- Link S.
Gave some insight into what plagues the mind of a hard working, practicing attorney. I know myself better now....
- oscar r.
The content and the expression of the content was fantastic.
- Vanessa V.
Very important topic in our profession! Loved it.
- Lindsey P.
Mindfulness and the practice of equanimity.
- Beverly N.
Really identified clearly the various situations a practicing attorney experiences.
- joseph z.
Great program
- Karilyn S.
Very helpful and practical. Thank you!
- Elizabeth T.
My favorite lecture so far!
- Daniel N.
Great course. So on point with how lawyers generally think and act and presents positive ways to change them.
- Shari R.
Good material. I hadn't thought of mindfulness in this application before this.
- John O.
Well done! No suggestions for improvement. Thank you.
- Robert O.
A valuable introduction to mindfulness in lawyering.
- Karen S.
Need more programs like this one!
- Dawn S.
Excellent presentation of a rather off-beat concept - very helpful and useful.
- Charlene R.
Excellent course and speaker.
- Maria W.
Professor Cohen's demeanor and presentation were perfect for this subject matter.
- Richard S.
Great program, but I really wish there had been slides that accompanied the class.
- Amanda B.
This is the most relaxing MCLE course I have ever listened to.
- Paul T.
Great content and instruction.Hope to see more teachings like this in the future!
- Amanda W.
Very well done great food for thought
- john t.
There were some very good insights into the factors that drive human behavior and how to manage them and modify/optimize behavior.
- Shirley S.
It would be great if Ms. Cohen's training and Ms. Amy Openheimer's training can be offered in classes/courses for the public, especially for young children, youth. There is so much drug and alcohol abuse in society now. And I just read in the LA Times that stores such as the down town LA Ralphs and Whole Foods have bars/serve alcohol and that many other smaller stores, including book stores and coffee shops are now/beginning to offer alcohol. And enough citizens of California voted for the legalization of recreational marijuana. I am worried about our State and Country.
- Jennie T.
Good speaker.
- douglas o.
Many topics were "Oh, I get it."
Wonderful presentation. A most valuable resource for a harried lawyer.
- Helene W.
Not only informative, pleasant, but inspiring.
- Ngoc N.
Excellent course with very useful information and a knowledgeable instructor.
- Mimi Z.
Fantastic course with great information; knowledgable, practical and engaging.
- Kimberly G.
Well done!
- Stephen P.
Exceptionally informative and interesting presentation. I wish I would have heard this years ago.
- Paul S.
Especially wonderful
- Rebecca M.
Good tools and techniques!
- Barbara B.
Practical and useful introduction to a mindfulness practice tailored to the needs of a legal professional.
- Jennifer W.
Good program; concise and interesting.
- Pamela S.
- Mariliz R.
Very good.
- Gary G.
Very helpful advice explaining and/or applying mindfulness to the law practice. Excellent production value and great way to spend an hour.
- Anne W.
A less costly and perhaps more complete application of meditation techniques than TM.
- Gene W.
Excellent presentation and content. "Buddhism and the Law 1A". Useful information and a good reminder of how to survive the practice of law, and enjoy your work.
- Elen Pass B.
Interesting insight into the mental aspects involved in the practice of law and affect the competence of attorneys.
- Michael R.
Great course, awesome!
- Ian S.
What a soothing hour!
- Kristina S.
Fantastic course
- Katherine R.
best instructor so far.....
- Jill W.
Very good indeed,and most pertinent to the profession
- Robert W.
Very informative and practical, enjoyed much better than other programs on substance abuse.
- Terri O.
Very though provoking and useful course.
- Richard Brian G.
- John M.
- Cia B.
Great program
- Thomas L.
Surprisingly helpful and quite excellent.
- Hasan B.
This material should have a more positive impact on our practice of law than simply telling us to drink less...
- Linda B.
I really enjoyed this. It actually has me wanting to look further into mindful lawyering.
- Lisa G.
Very therapeutic
- David D.
Ms. Cohen exuded the equanimity she spoke of.
- Aida d.
Very pleasantly presented
- Aaron D.
Very interesting approach! Thank you for this program.
- Heather F.
she was very competent. She was very eloquent and interesting. Loved listening to her
- faezeh p.
Good program. Reminds me that there's hope for this high stress industry.
- Kristen M.
Wonderful content and presentation. I would have liked to have some visuals as well as the presenter speaking.
- Judith C.
I wish I'd taken this years ago--A+++.
- erin b.
So much better than a standard substance abuse course. It makes a lot of sense to teach healthy coping techniques for dealing with a stressful and adversarial profession than focusing on a single negative coping technique (substance abuse). I had Judy as a teacher in law school where we spent 5 minutes meditating after the end of each class. It was really helpful as a law student and still helpful as a lawyer. She is the best!
- Desraeli F.
Wonderful information!
- Alana C.
Nice course - insightful
- Susan A.
Excellent presentation!
- Marina D.
Thoughtful and pleasant.
- Reeve G.
This course really spoke to me on so many levels. Although I have a mindfulness practice, I realized that I have not employed it nearly as much as I might to enhance my competency as an attorney. Great course! I hope that others will take the time to pay attention to it.
- Michele W.
A very useful intro to mindfulness that can be applied to any attorney's current practice. Instructor was clear and informative.
- Anthony C.
A thoughtful and articulate presentation. Definitely worth the investment of time and attention.
- Beth B.
very nice
- Kevin D.
great course
- Jon A.
I thought this was just going to be another sleep through course but in fact it was excellent, useful and very well presented. Bravo.
- Cary G.
Very nice. Good info!
- Madeline W.
An absolute must for practicing attorneys and any busy professional.
- Georganne C.
A good review of the purpose of mindfulness and its importance in a high stress career such as lawyering.
- Alice B.
Very well done.
- Gary F.
- Gregory K.
I thought this was a great course, with important information that all lawyers should consider.
- Irene D.
I am so happy to see this information being brought to lawyers. This was a great course, that helped to emphasize principals I have bee cultivating in my practice for many years, but have not seen much in the way of greater wide acceptance in the profession. Bravo for making this accessible to a wide professional audience!
- Renee D.
- Catherine C.
wonderful perspective!
- Jerri G.
Excellent insights.
- Donn D.
A wonderfully helpful lecture. Every lawyer should watch it!
- James Bernard D.
Very useful introduction.
- James R.
- Aaron K.
I loved this course.
- Alicia H.
- Sepideh G.
relaxing. I guess that was the point.
- Stephan P.
Very good as an introduction to mindfulness and a small first step in the practice.
- Hugh B.
Thanks for providing this course!
- Dianne B.
I like the recognition of the stress we lawyers experience daily and how little things (5 minute meditation) can help.
- Sonia B.
Really interesting!
- Keshet S.
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