The Meeting of the Creditors Reviews

This presenter is the best. Not only is it interesting enough to compel attention, it makes me want to practice bankruptcy law!
- peggy G.
Amazing presenter. Actually made learning about a bankruptcy meeting of creditors fun! Can tell he loves what he does!
- Francine B.
By far the best course I have taken. The instructor was not only knowledgeable, but engaged in the lecture and followed up the material with very helpful stories of his personal experience. Highly recommended.
- Bobbie K.
Great content and the speaker is very interesting and easy to listen to. Definitely recommend!
- Andrea B.
He was the best Lexvid lecturer I have heard so far. Knows his stuff and presents it clearly and efficiently. Excellent program.
- Ira G.
Excellent presenter, humble, well spoken, gives great practical examples in a clear, concise manner!
- Sean S.
The instructor was great! Clear communicator. Relevant info. I don’t practice bankruptcy law, but his enthusiasm for the subject made me want to learn more!
- Elisabeth S.
Surprisingly fascinating. Good instructor who knows his stuff, is passionate about the content, and makes the course interesting.
- Jeffrey E.
Excellent presentation.
- Douglas C.
Very credible presenter. Interesting presentation.
- John E.
Very similar to his companion creditor class but he’s a great lecturer. Really interesting and presented well/ kept my attention.
- Catherine M.
no the best
- David A.
Please have this presenter do further work for us--makes bankruptcy (?) fascinating. Kathy C
- kathleen c.
Great presentation - very informative and excellent speaker
- Cynthia F.
- William A.
love this guy, wish more were as straight forward and practical as he is
- James S.
His MCLE's are my favorite. So interesting to listen to. Can't believe I just said that about bankruptcy.
- Jillian B.
Terrific presentation!
- Danielle E.
Excellent presentation. The instructor was well informed, articulate, and provided great insights.
- David C.
Very practical and useful
- Amechi A.
great practice pointers
- Grace C.
Very useful and practical information.
- Mark M.
Anecdotal stories of experiences in 341a hearings were very informative and helpful..
- Federico A.
Very good style of presentation, voice, and level of energy. I say this because some teachers give the feeling that they are barely awake. This presenter was obviously very interested in his subject. I will never forget the engagement Ring story.
- John B M.
Another great course This guy is excellent.
- stephen v.
He mentioned his interview check off sheet he uses and said we could contact him to receive a copy. It would have been nice if it was a downloadable document with the other downloadable pdf documents.
- James J D.
I wish that more attention had been paid to the creditor's side of the process and that the lecturer covered the "other sides" role in a creditor's meeting.
- Gerald B.
This presenter is great. He is clear, relatable and interesting.
- mary d.
very informational
- Julio M.
Very detailed, practical and knowledgeable
- Christa R.
Great speaker!
- Karen L.
Still profoundly disappointed you didn't cover bowling alleys. :) Another great presentation and such value with the real life practice tips. Everyone should deal with clients in the manner you'd described. The world would be a better place. Thank you for doing this.
- Cynthia M.
Excellent presentation-A true profesional
- Bruce D S.
Great practical information with real world examples.
- Olena B.
By far the best lecturer on Lexvid.
- Gary H.
Excellent presentation with very useful information
- Rosemary P.
Your best course yet!
- michael s.
Outstanding presentation
- Gregory K.
Excellent, knowledgeable, good speaker.
- Walter W.
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