Marijuana Law: Product Liability Claims Reviews

This is a subject I am well acquainted with, yet I learned a lot of things as well as some thought provoking ideas, terrific.
- Thomass b.
This is the second course I've done with her and it was very good. She does a good job putting in useful info especially the case references.
- Raneene B.
Brilliant. Good, clear, presentation of facts. Highlights why we society needs to have a grown up conversation about this product.
- Shabeer A.
Great topic, and very knowledgeable speaker. Thank you!
- Vera N.
Excellent content well presented
- Karen K.
Excellent lecturer. She was very informative and made the subject matter extremely interesting.
- Serina R.
Thank you! Your comparison with Pharma and Tobacco industries lessons-learned was very helpful.
- Wesley S.
Thank you,
- Ricardo P.
Well done!
- Michael S.
Excellent presentation!
- Stacy S.
Excellent Course.
- Jeanne K.
Martina seems to have great familiarity with her subject matter. I could watch her all day. I wish all 15 hours of my CLE could be presented by her, on this subject!
- James H.
Cutting edge stuff!
- Jason S.
Excellent presenter and a good overview of a new and emerging area of the law. Thank you.
- Jim D.
Great presentation by a presenter who seems to be well informed and who has a passion for the topic. I think this was an interesting entry into an unexplored world and she did a great job.
- David P.
- Jeffrey M.
Very interesting material.
- Annie L.
Fine. Did not address issue of plaintiff standing to bring suit for regulatory violations
- Dina D.
I was happy to learn more about this topic with medical marijuana now being legal in Ohio and the growers and processors will be operating soon.
- Kelley S.
Difficult balance between state and federal law.
- Harry J N.
Terrific lecture. The speaker described the material in an easy-to-understand, yet engaging and very interesting way. I enjoyed it.
- Kevin D.
Very interesting and informative. Easy to follow.
- Kavita T.
very informative
- Patrice T.
My best course.
- David P.
I learned alot!
- Katherine D.
Great presentation about a subject I never gave any thought to.
- Sanford S.
The course as a whole could probably be made a bit more understandable, but that may just be a matter of becoming more familiar with the field. The issues might become better defined as matters evolve over time. Or maybe it would be helpful to look to what Israel has done or even present the information to round out the course more.
- Shirley S.
Very knowledgeable about the current state of the law on such a nascent topic.
- Jim J.
very good
- David S.
Very Interesting!
- Alisa C.
Great analysis on very timely topic. The instructor is engaging and very knowledgeable. One of my favorite courses so far.
- Renee R.
- Glen S.
She was well versed on new laws
- joseph n.
Great presentation on an increasingly relevant topic across the nation.
- Kimberly G.
Great experience. For the small practitioner/litigator, video courses provide the flexibility to earn cle credits while home.
- Donald L. W.
New areas of the law are always interesting and the presenter did a very good job of explaining the nuances in this emerging area of the law.
- Michelle S.
Good knowledge and tie in to Products liability and case samples
- Nicholas Z.
Very interesting topic and very informative. She really kept my attention. I think the course could even be longer.
- Tyra P.
Excellent presentation
- Roger S.
Good introduction to the subject.
- Jeffrey S.
instructor was good
- Walker R.
Other visuals would be interesting
- Kendra C.
I had no professional reason to take this, but it was really fascinating.
- Carol R.
Audio was terrible. Had to use earphones as is normal with your programs.
- joe m.
Fabulous instructor and fascinating area of law. Great presentation.
- Naheed R.
Comparing and contrasting med product liability cases with issue affecting cannabis was very helpful.
- Adil S.
Excellent but just wondering if there's been any advances as this is a very fast moving area of law. She seems that she would be absolutely up on the latest changes and happily impart the knowledge.
- Glenn N.
Very interesting topic
- Robert S.
Excellent Program and well informed instructor.
- Leonard W.
Excellent course!
- Carole C.
Informative and engaging speaker.
- Jeri M.
Wonderful Lecturer!
- Lori G.
This Marijuana Law course was well presented.
- Jeffrey N.
well done and thorough for a new and emerging body of law
- Jennifer G.
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