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Marijuana Decriminalization & the Impact on the Workplace Reviews

Excellent presentation on challenging legal and social issue. Well-informed speaker
- Arlo Hale S.
Thank you. Well done. Straightforward.
- Richard S.
Very informative
- Zachary H.
- Kristin C.
Very interesting
- Daniel C.
very interesting presentation - learned a lot of things I did mot know about the legalization of marijuana.
- Amy E.
Very informative.
- Shelli F.
A little out of date, but otherwise very good overview of state actions involving cannabis
- Erin O.
Great video
- Flora N.
- Glen S.
Great overview. Timely.
- Thomas T.
Would have liked some written materials to go along with the course. Would be great to get an updated webinar on recent developments on this topic in light of new California law.
- Amanda W.
Very interesting exploration of blossoming issue.
- Don B.
It would be nice to have a written outline for the course.
- Victoria V.
- Nancy Lee W.
Excellent Lecturer!
- Lori G.
Good overview of federal, state, employment and other issues related to legalization of marijuana and the conflicts arising. This isn't my practice area and I found this a very interesting presentation. The presenter seems knowledgeable and covered a lot of ground. The only complaint is that there were no slides and the present mentions a lot of statues and cases. Would have been helpful to have slides to see those names and it would have saved him having to spell out plaintiff names etc. Since this is a rapidly evolving area, an update every year or so would be good.
- Alison T.
very interesting topic
- Becky K.
very interesting!
- Tracy C.
this guy is great
- Neil C.
Need to footnote, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled against the employee in the DISH case, stating it was still illegal at the Federal level.
- Paul K.
Very good. I enjoyed the observations about all the legal uncertainties at this time.
- Irene D.
A bit unenthused for a guy talking cannabis law!
- Erika M.
Need more detailed materials
- Erin J.
The written material is just a bit of paper with a couple of paragraphs and an index. Would rather have the citations and some of the main points of the program. He is extremely knowledgeable in this legal expertise.
- Darby N. M.
Very knowledgeable and current. Need slides with case names written down.
- Thomas C.
Poor/boring presentation of interesting material, together with bad lighting, made this the worst of the lot so far.
- W. Bradley B.
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