A New Kind Of Practice: Providing Affordable "Limited Scope" Legal Counseling Reviews

Very inspiring - thank you!
- John D.
a great, informational presentation that offered new insight into the legal profession
- Katrina P.
- Noemi P.
Interesting and Informative.
- James S.
This course had a lot of useful information that I intend to incorporate into my own practice. I appreciated how the lecturer proposed limited-scope services as a way to help attorneys improve their own quality of lives- personally and professionally.
- Emi K.
Excellent and thoughtful presentation = well worth the time to view. Recommended.
- Elen Pass B.
Valuable information about a great alternative practice structure, but would love to know more about the agreements one would sign with clients at the beginning of the case and what must be done to make sure the client understands the limitation of the scope of this type of practice.
- Vera N.
Very good presentation.
- David B.
Excellent presenter and content.
- Carol R.
Excellent presentation of a novel practice alternative. Full of positive values!
- Martin M.
As it turns out, this is the type of practice I developed for the same reasons presented. Yes, it is much less stressful. I have a better quality of life. And most important to me, I get to actually help people who otherwise could not afford legal services.
- Michael P.
This was an advertisement for the instructor.
- Leslie K.
practical and refreshing suggestions for enhancing my practice.
- Markos D.
Excellent thoughts and presentation!
- Larry L.
an interesting idea for a new type practice
- Mark P.
Interesting topic. The statistics were surprising.
- Alicia B.
Well done and very helpful!
- Gregory B.
Very interesting. It has inspired me to start developing more mediation offerings along with our traditional practice.
- Samuel C.
very inspiring
- John D.
great lecture, very informative
- Andrew W.
Interesting and refreshing perspective. Sadly, many of us in the profession know that the "average" client cannot afford our services. This fresh, non-traditional approach is a frontal assault on that mistaken assumption. Bravo!!!
- David V.
Interesting and well presented.
Very informative program. I recently moved into an apartment community where all the residents are at least 55. Many are on fixed incomes. I wondered if it would be feasible to offer my services to my neighbors at a greatly reduced hourly rate and refer them out if their issues were more than I wanted to tackle. Until I saw this video I did not know that others do this or that there is a name for this kind of practice. Not only is it feasible, but it is being done successfully. Thank you for showing me the way!
- Carron N.
Brilliant and very relevant! Excellent source on something I have been considering.
- Julie M.
Meaningful guidelines for a counseling focused, limited scope practice--Excellent and encouraging!
- Debra H.
Very interesting presentation and clearly explained her somewhat unique practice.
- Donald L.
Great speaker, interesting
- Chris V.
What a helpful video!
- Kelly Z.
I listened to every minute! It is one of those "good to know" courses, and Ms. Sobel knows her stuff.
- Karen Denise J.
Very practical information provided in the course.
- David D.
Wonderful, I loved it! Thank you!
- Ashley F.
The presenter was very engaging and kept me inter ster.
- Rebecca G.
Depressing to hear such emphasis on lawyer job dissatisfaction, suicide, substance abuse rates, etc.Wellisch
- Christian W.
Excellent content.
- Wanda S.
Excellent! Thanks Janet
- Marci U.
Been considering this for myself, but this slightly different. Helpful.
- Barbara H.
The most novel, interesting, and thought-provoking program I have watched on LexVid. Loved it!
- Jeffrey R.
- Dorianne R.
A very honest and practical discussion of a legal practice alternative.
- Veronica S.
This was a really interesting concept. If I were in private practice, I would definitely try it. Good ideas.
- Judy S.
Excellent. Even though I am an old timer I was not familiar with this type of practice. Ms. Sobel did an excellent job explaining her practice. I may contact her on my own. Thank you.
- SUE Z.
Good stuff. I will watch this again....
- John Patrick T.
Thanks for the information.
- Garrick F.
A very informative course. May be difficult in Texas, but an option worth exploring. Thanks.
A refreshing approach to lawyering. It's all nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks that we as lawyers charge too much money.
- Jane R.
A little too much self promotion and not enough nuts and bolts of this alternative means of practice.
- Susan A.
Very Interesting topic
- Glen S.
Excellent information and presentation. Love the business description and business model.
- John E.
This was a very interesting topic and was thought-provoking.
- Audrey S.
Terrific lecture on a very interesting subject.
- Daniel N.
This is the information I needed and it is how my practice has been heading. Thank you
interesting concept
- Susan S.
It is clear that Ms. Sobel has a strong bias against litigation, but she seems to be doing a good job helping people in her own way. Good for her! I think some of her practice is not "best practice," particularly with regard to lack of fee agreements.
- Pamela S.
I liked it, and she is very kind to talk to people on the phone.
- Roy H.
Excellent course! Similar to my information research practice. Very helpful. Thank You
- Timothy S.
This is a very interesting presentation on an alternative to traditional practice. The approach and ideas are very fresh and creative. It is very thoughtful and well worth a listen.
- Paul S.
One of the more interesting CLE's available.
- Scott N.
she's a nice lady good for her making money secondary to her happiness!
- Bradley F.
great presentation
- Lisa L.
Great class! Ms. Sobel provides excellent practical advice about how to make clients happy and make money in the law without stressing yourself out.
- Donna O.
Very interesting - rare to get this level of insight into this type of practice.
- Eric S.
What a great surprise! I recently retired from a government job and this sounds like just what I have been looking for. Thanks so much for including this in your CLE choices!
- Annette D.
Did not enjoy this course at all.
- Janessa W.
- Nancy Lee W.
I wanted to hear more about ethical duties to this type of client/ conflicts issues/ and best retainer agreements.
Thank you
- George T.
Very practical advice.
- Stephen H.
Refreshing concept and well presented.
- Patsy Y.
Interesting course!
- Carole C.
Very interesting concept.
- Ginna K.
Life changing!
- Kara R.
great course; Janet presents, to me novel and helpful ways to look at the practice of law generally, and the small solo practitioner in particular
- Michael W.
- Steve D.
Excellent overview of challenges lawyers face re: stress/pressure/work-life balance, etc. Good overview of why "litigation" leads to stress & the uncontrollable issues that are faced by lawyers (other attorneys/judges/deadlines, etc.). Janet's experience & examples provide solid information to lawyers who are looking for "alternatives" to the day-to-day grind of litigation.
- John F.
- Marie Blessed B.
a personal reflection/example, but not serious educational content
- Neil C.
Really great content and creative and viable options presented.
- Tina F.
Excellent option for law practice and gives ideas for counseling in other professional practices
- Sandra J S.
great discussion of an "alternative" practice.
- Marianne G.
interesting ideas!
- Jerri G.
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