A New Kind Of Practice: Providing Affordable "Limited Scope" Legal Counseling

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A New Kind Of Practice: Providing Affordable "Limited Scope" Legal Counseling
A New Kind Of Practice: Providing Affordable "Limited Scope" Legal Counseling

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Course Description

The practice of law is fraught with stressors that can have a tremendous impact on an attorneys health and well-being. Data suggests that lawyers are 3 times more likely to suffer from depression, have an alarmingly higher rate of suicide when compared to other professions, and are twice as likely to become chemically dependent than the general population.

There are several career-adjustment options for combating attorney depression, one of which is "limited scope" counseling. This is a relatively new type of practice that focuses on providing certain limited legal services to the client usually at an affordable cost. These type of services can range from bankruptcy assistance, real estate matters, trusts and estates, mediation guidance, etc, while litigation services and more complex cases are referred out.

In this program, attorney Janet Sobel discusses the various triggers that cause attorney depression and substance abuse, and covers the various ways these disorders can be combated. She gives a particular emphasis on scaling back ones practice to a limited scope practice, instructing viewers on how to do this successfully and what sort of outcomes are to be expected.

Length: 59min

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Very inspiring - thank you!
- John D.
a great, informational presentation that offered new insight into the legal profession
- Katrina P.
- Noemi Perez H.
Interesting and Informative.
- James S.
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Meet the Lecturer(s)

Janet E. Sobel

In 1983, Janet E. Sobel graduated from U.C.L.A. law school in the top 10% of her class and has been practicing law in San Diego since becoming licensed that same year. Ms Sobel was a litigator in the “law firm” setting until 1999, when she decided she wanted something more fulfilling than an active litigation practice. By working out of her home, Ms. Sobel found she could eliminate the high cost of a traditional law firm practice and reduce her rates, thereby providing affordable “counseling-at-law” services to her clients. Thus, Ms. Sobel helps her clients address a wide range of legal issues in an economical way. In 2004, she successfully completed the rigorous mediation training program offered by the National Conflict Resolution Center in San Diego and was awarded a credential as a mediator.


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