Legal Considerations When Assisting a Client Form a Business Reviews

This is a great overview of the different entities available in California. It is much more than a "cursory" review, and that is really impressive when you consider it is just over an hour.
- Ronald S.
This was an excellent presentation. It was clear and informative, and provided a concise introductory overview of business organizations.
- Derrick O.
Very clear and concise, good material
- Jill K.
Excellent presentation! Useful information for helping our clients form businesses.
- Jaime S.
Good content and presentation.
- Jon M.
Good review of business structures.
- Meredith T.
- sherry f.
Amazingly good presentation for a one hour program.
- John M.
Very pleasant speaker and good information clearly presented.
- Alice A.
Well organized
- Michael K.
- Gabriel d.
- Carol C.
Very informative
- Andrew G.
An excellent overview
- James S.
Solid instruction.
- Roy G.
Excellent summary of business structures taught by an experienced attorney who keeps the presentation factual and interesting. I will be looking for any of her other presentations.
- Joseph S.
Well organized and knowledgeable presenter!
- Lauren P.
This was presented well. Nice work!
- Michael S.
Very good overall but course materials lack detail
- Jason Michael T.
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