Legal Considerations of Crowdfunding: Intellectual Property, Consumer Protection, and Securities Issues Reviews

Good program and well presnted
- Barry G.
Nice introduction to an area of law with which I am not very familiar.
- Hugh B.
good seminar
- Eugene L.
Very well-organized presenter who provided practical information and highlighted pitfalls to avoid when crowdfunding.
- Cathy B.
This is a presentation for someone that already has some business experience such as knowledge of FINRA, securities, prior art.... as they are not explained. I also found the presentation format extremely boring, as in just watching someone talk while sitting down while simultaneously looking at slides.
- Judith S.
Very thorough and informative.
- Kayla X.
This class would be great for someone with some expertise in the subject. That wasn't me.
- Judy S.
It was very helpful
- john a.
The presenter did a great job of clearly detailing the subject. I used to work in this area. I had hoped that the SEC had the new rules out. This lack is of course no fault of the lecturer.
- Jennie T.
I thought this was a very informative program. Unfortunately, the sound quality was less than good. There was a constant background hum throughout the presentation.
- Terry R.
Excellent presentation of the pitfalls in this area of the law. The complexities are noteworthy.
- Paul S.
Good introduction to new topic area for me.
- Deborah M.
Dated material.
- John G.
This video may be outdated based on current crowdfunding practices.
- John M.
Good job.
- Natalia A.
very interesting -- a subject I have dealt with as a nonlawyer that is layered with legal issues I did'nt fully appreciate
- Steven S.
Fantastic presentation! A great simplistic overview.
- David A. S.
Didn't mind that Ms. Fox presented to viewers as "clients"; in fact, that presentation format enhanced my understanding of how the legal issues could be framed for in-house counsel and/or knowledgeable but non-legal business executives.
- Rehana G.
I thought it would be more directed to GoFundMe types of sites which are used by non-profits and individuals. It was interesting and I do see the carry over a bit. Liked the pressenter.
- Debra B.
- Steve D.
This was a very clearly presented and interesting discussion of crowdfunding issues, complete with useful tips for the practitioner. One of the most useful CLE courses I've seen.
- Sarah Jane B.
Good overview, focusing on three "traps for the unwary" areas - securities law, IP issues and consumer fraud, with main emphasis on the first.
- Alison T.
Did not rate high on "technical" because course designed to be overview, not technical.
- Stephan P.
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