The Law & Practice of Workplace Investigations Reviews

Lost opportunity by not presenting in a way that takes advantage of video format. Sound quality a bit lower than normal. The hollow-box sound was not enjoyable.
- Steven B.
Great overview with practical advice on workplace investigations. I'm considering transitioning out of law and into the field of human resources, and this provided me with some good insight into one aspect of that area.
- Kelly G.
This was incredibly informative and very in-depth, not to mention well presented. Absolutely wonderful!
- Elizabeth A.
The speaker and her presentation were excellent. I do not have prior experience in this area, but, as an attorney who is interested pursuing a new area of practice, she has peaked my interest. Thank you.
- Fredericka S.
Informative and useful info, particularly joining the Association of Workplace Investigators and processes used by what we know in military circles as investigating officers (IOs).
- Jaime S.
- Ricardo P.
This is an OUTSTANDING CLE! The instructor demonstrated phenomenal substantive knowledge as to the CLE's subject matter (she also demonstrated outstanding analytical and critical thinking skills, and masterful organization skills). The written material is absolutely on-point and invaluable to attorneys who are already conducting or who aspire to conduct workplace investigations. This is one of the CLE'S many brilliant aspects - it is invaluable to attorneys who have never (but want to learn how to) conduct workplace investigations as well as to attorneys who have conducted them for decades. On a personal note, I will review this CLE's written materials and merge them into my own workplace investigation materials/handbook.
- Michael W.
Excellent clearly presented program that thoroughly discussed workplace investigations, including how to conduct them and addressing concerns.
- Rachel R.
She's very good and her material is presented in a very thoughtful and useful manner.
- Rhonda B.
Very interesting presentation
- Kathleen R.
- Andrea H.
Very informative
- John D.
Truly appreciated this lecture in terms of information provided and the manner in which presented.Thank you.
- Steven P.
Good speaker. Interesting topic.
- Chris V.
Very well done.
- Elliot T.
Very informative and well organized. I do many workplace investigations and found some helpful tips!
- Barbara V.
Good overview.
- Audrey S.
Very informative with good practical suggestions.
- Christina D.
She is very knowledgeable about this topic.
- Sandy R.
Very informative. Well organized and presented.
- Michael S.
very informative, thank you.
- Marsha S.
Very helpful information for both in house counsel and outside practitioners.
- Jane K.
Amy Oppenheimer is one of the best presenters on LexVid and her written materials are thorough and informative.
- Victoria V.
Great presentation
- Melissa S.
This course was very instructive and provided useful information.
- Robert G.
excellent course, excellent content
- Barbara E.
Very informative!
- Richard F.
Pleasant style of presentation. Easy to listen to and concentrate. Not hyperbolic.
- Mary Louise S.
Good job!
- Natalia A.
Excellent! A. Aquino
- Angelica A.
Very well organized presentation with professional delivery. There is somewhat of a focus on California case law, but there is plenty of practical advice and EEOC guidance mixed in.
- Alana P.
Quite interesting approaches.
- Joel P.
Very helpful basic-level course. Good materials and presentation. Recommended for those delving into the origins of present day investigational standards.
- Kerry W.
Impresses with how much information she covered in an hour! Very well organized.
- Danielle K.
Really enjoyed Amy's "disposition" ... easy to listen to, etc.
- Sean C.
Exceptional course.
- Kathleen B.
Very informative program about workplace investigations.
- Amy L.
This was a very well presented and interesting video.
- Brian L.
Very knowledgeable presenter.
- Lynn Marie M.
Very knowledgeable and thorough
- Terry G.
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