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The Law & Practice of Workplace Investigations

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The Law & Practice of Workplace Investigations
The Law & Practice of Workplace Investigations

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Course Description

Under the Fair Employment and Housing Act and state law employers must take care to prevent harassment and discrimination from occurring. Reasonable steps must be taken to avoid or reduce the potential for liability - including punitive damages - including investigating and addressing possible incidents.
In this program, attorney and workplace investigator Amy Oppenheimer takes viewers through the best practices in doing workplace investigations. Topics covered include; scope of the investigation, communicating with the employer, confidentiality, evidence gathering, witness interviews, and more.
Published 10/25/2014

Length: 1hr 4min

Member Reviews

Lost opportunity by not presenting in a way that takes advantage of video format. Sound quality a bit lower than normal. The hollow-box sound was not enjoyable.
- Steven B.
Great overview with practical advice on workplace investigations. I'm considering transitioning out of law and into the field of human resources, and this provided me with some good insight into one aspect of that area.
- Kelly G.
This was incredibly informative and very in-depth, not to mention well presented. Absolutely wonderful!
- Elizabeth A.
The speaker and her presentation were excellent. I do not have prior experience in this area, but, as an attorney who is interested pursuing a new area of practice, she has peaked my interest. Thank you.
- Fredericka S.
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Meet the Lecturer(s)

Amy Oppenheimer

Amy Oppenheimer is an attorney and retired Administrative Law Judge with over thirty years of experience working in the field of employment law, emphasizing preventing and responding to workplace harassment and discrimination. Ms. Oppenheimer has trained lawyers, human resource professionals, employees, and employers throughout the country in preventing and investigating workplace harassment, discrimination and retaliation, implicit bias and diversity in the workplace. She is the founder and president of the board of AWI - Association of Workplace Investigators, Inc. and is an advisor to the executive committee of the labor and employment section of the California State Bar. She was a member of the executive committee from 2008 – 2011. Ms. Oppenheimer is the author of one of the only practical guides to performing workplace investigations: Investigating Workplace Harassment, How to be Fair, Thorough and Legal, published in 2003 by Society of Human Resource Practice (SHRM). She is a trial qualified expert on the issue of employment practices in preventing, responding to and investigating workplace harassment or discrimination. She is a frequent speaker at legal and HR conferences on topics such as performing investigations, interviewing techniques, implicit bias and the preventing workplace harassment. Ms. Oppenheimer has sat as an arbitrator and mediator for the American Arbitration Association and as an arbitrator for the International Commission on Holocaust era Insurance Claims.


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