Jury Selection in a Criminal Case Reviews

Very pleasant to listen to. Shared interesting stories.
- Justin H.
very good course. Thank you
- Tyra P.
I enjoy hearing a prosecutor's perspective on this subject and he was engaging. Thank you
- Oscar L C.
Best presenter I have seen thus far on lexvid.
- William W.
Nice quick presentation covering the fundamentals
- Sara R.
The Speaker was very knowledgeable.
- Caprice G.
Well done.
- Raymond G.
Adam Muery is a very effective and knowledgeable presenter. I have taken every course of his that I can find. His presentations are a perfect blend of practicality and legal acumen. I cannot rate him highly enough - this in spite of the fact that he is an Aggie whereas I attended the University of Texas both undergrad and law school.
- charles w.
Thanks. Very good. Interesting.
- Ricardo P.
Interesting presentation
- Kathleen R.
- Cynthia C.
Some great strategies for picking a jury.
- Dennis K.
Great video, with lots of helpful tips about jury selection. Thank you!
- Logan G.
Instructor is very informative and a good presenter.
- Rogelio P.
Very interesting, honest perspective on the topic. Outside my primary practice area, so referring back to these materials would be a great source if I ever had to work on jury selection.
- Kevin S.
Great presentation!
- Alissa A.
Excellent presentation. Informative, concise and interesting.
- Michele M.
Lots of time spent on subject matter that was not directly about jury selection.
- Barbara R.
As a criminal defense lawyer, it was interesting to get a prosecutor's prospective on jury selection.
- Steven S.
Thanks for the info...
- Garrick F.
As always, Mr. Muery provides top-notch legal education.
- M Scott M.
Attorney Murray presents actual jury selection excperience that most practitioners con use. Excellent.
- Thomas V.
Objective, succinct, outstanding! As a criminal defense attorney of 40 years experience I knew a lot of this but I did learn a whole lot more. This was the best Lexvid I have seen to date!
- David V.
his wealth of experience certainly shows in his presentation. really enjoyed it
- Lizabeth R.
Good presentation. I have a lot of jury trials behind me as a CA Deputy DA but still learned some new ways to approach jury selection. Thank you!
- Hans U.
Excellent-great overview! Bruce C.
- Bruce C.
Very informative, gave very good suggestions on how to pick the best jury. Will definitely be putting this information to use on the next jury trial!
- Kimberly B.
Excellent presentation!
- Victoria V.
This presenter is always good. Thanks for a nice, short, concise presentation.
- nancy k.
It is excellent presentation !!!
- Eungnam Peter S.
excellent practical course
- Barbara E.
Excellent communicator
- Mark L. G.
Useful. Got a couple of tips. I tried 5 criminal cases over the summer of 2016. Still pick up tips. Especially strikes.
- James B.
Loved the no nonsense approach. Really helped move the course along.
- Jeffrey B.
Excellent speaker! Well worth listening to. Shannon M.
- Shannon M.
Good CLE. The presenter had a great speaking voice, and he packed a lot of information in a short amount of time.
- MaryAnn M.
More functional advice for litigators than most of the other courses available.
- Michael F.
Very knowledgeable and interesting presenter
- Linda S.
Amazing attorney. Best explanation of jury selection I have ever received in 13 years of practicing criminal law.
- Angelee V.
Superb Presenter
- Kevin G.
Great presentation.
- Ralph A.
This lecturer does an excellent job of communicating important details and explaining his thoughts.
- Brian L.
It helped to have the written materials presented on split screen with the video.
- Mary Ann M.
Great stuff.
- Gabriel d.
more engaging than lots of CLEs -- he holds your attention
- Sarah G.
I enjoyed this course, it really makes you think about jury selection..
- Noe P.
Very useful.
- Jan H.
Great strategies
- michael p.
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