Investigation Practices in the Wake of #MeToo Reviews

The best course in the whole packet. Excellent instructor dealing very well with an important challenge.
- C Jeffrey C.
The instructor was excellent.
- Laurie G.
Interesting, timely, engaging and informative.
- Julie K.
I have actually done a fair number of investigations. Yet a number of the suggested procedures I will incorporate into my next investigation.
- Ronald G.
Great presentation. Thank you!
- Cory D.
Very interesting and informative
- Kristen I.
Superb. The 2 vignettes added a lot.
- jenny S.
- Elizabeth T M.
Informative and timely
- Anthony V.
I wish we would never have to use this. The world would be a better place.
- Thomas C.
The course clarified for me the distinction between good ole "sexual harassment" and the #Me too movement. The latter involves the elements of sexual harassment and more---resulting in the tolerance of the offending act in the workplace to the extent that it creates a hostile work environment. Sexual harassment may be pervasive in a company or workplace and may also encompass the same elements as the #MeToo. It may just be dressing the same offensive behavior in a new "trendy" name. I thought that the instructor's investigative techniques were broken down into logical elements and I think that she did a rather good job dealing with the topic.
- Victoria S.
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