International Adoption - Highlights Reviews

Very good presentation. Better if the materials were shown alongside the speaker on screen.
- Lee H.
Very clear and informative!
- Sharon R.
Fabulous presenter. Knowedgeable and effecient.
- Amy B.
I agree with another reviewer that it would have been helpful to have written slides along with presentation.
- Victoria V.
great presentation and very informative.
- Edward R.
Very thorough yet appropriate for attorney new to adoption law and seeking an informed overview. Presenter exudes knowledge & experience in the subject matter.
- Julie M.
She has excellent presentation skills!
- Solmaz R.
Engaging speaker with a lot of information.
- Julie S.
- Thomas T.
Good speaker. I'm so used to slides, that it would be helpful to mention the handout, which is great, at the beginning of the presentation.
- Amy N.
Great presentation, ton on good information!
- Miguel T.
The instructor talked way too fast.
- Mimi Z.
Good presentation but would be better supplemented with power point slides.
- Victoria V.
Excellent presentation with great information.
- Cynthia H.
Any attorney wishing to learn about international adoption law will be completely satisfied with Ms. Maher's presentation. She gives a fluid, easy to follow, thorough review of international adoption law with remarkable presentation skills. I am extremely pleased with her teaching methods, the content and the written materials and highly recommend this program.
- Colleen H.
I was provided information I did not know. Thanks!
- Richard P.
wow, very informative
- Renee B.
Most effective communicator I have experienced in online courses, so far.
- Mark L. G.
my wife and I have adopted a child from Ethiopia and I found this program accurate and informative.
- Leonard W.
Excellent presentation. Very thorough and informative overview regarding international adoptions.
- Karen F.
Very interesting and informative!
- Neva K.
Excellent course.
- Sean S.
Great! Informative!
- Julie T.
Thank you for the interesting overview.
- Emily P.
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