Intellectual Property Essentials Reviews

This was really well-done and Ms. Keller made it interesting, with a great personality that shined through. The materials were great, as well.
- Mark W.
Great course. Informative and practical.
- Donald P.
Great intro to IP by an awesome practitioner!
- Kathleen H.
The best intellectual property course I've taken, and I've taken several. Very, very, good. Thanks to presenter for excellent job.
- Jon H.
Excellent course. Could have used a few minutes of explanation about how the law deals with copyright infringement which began before copyright registration occurred.
- Todd P.
Exceptional overview of IP for the non-IP attorney
- Jay P.
Excellent presentation skills. Excellent printed materials.
- Richard W.
She was great.
- Megan T.
Very thorough.
Very good class.
- William C.
Awesome speaker and intelligent female attorney — really great!
- Sylvia M.
very informative and engaging presentation
- Geraldine L.
- joseph b.
This was very informative!! Thank you.
- Deborah T.
Great materials. Very clear delivery.
- Kristin H.
Very good.
- Marsha M.
Upbeat is a good style!
- Andrew F.
good refresher.
- Louise Tucker A.
She was quite good and informative.
- michael P.
Loved this presenter-- very engaging! And I really appreciated the Dirty Dancing reference:)
- Lori H.
Really substantive. Much appreciated.
- James M.
The information provided was a good overview but I would have preferred more robust presentation of trade secrets information.
- Daniel S.
Super introduction to the subject, although very fast and very dense so careful attention is necessary to get all of it. The practical advice is somewhat limited to "probably need co-counsel in this area" but that is accurate and valuable. One of the best courses.
- Donna K.
Great baseline presentation for me as in-house counsel.
- Justin R.
Very clear and thorough presentation.
- Sarah H.
Ms. Keller presentation was very well done
- Rubin L.
Good IP overview.
- Steven R.
great enthusiasm and clarity in her teaching!!
- Julie S.
Great and helpful content . The instructor was amazing and easy to follow
- Lillian H.
She was an excellent presenter.
- Barbara W.
Good Intro to Subject
Thorough, comprehensive, and a stunning breakdown of IP law that is a must watch for anyone serious about practicing in this area of law.
- Luc N.
Very informative
- Maureen C.
Great info and examples!
- Stephannie J.
Great presentation! Thank you Attorney Keller!
- stephanie B.
I was very pleased with the energy and knowledge of the presenter.
- Kimberly S.
Great presentation. I particularly received benefit from the type of IP and the rules specific to each type.
- David B.
This was a very informative and clear program.
- Bruce Z.
- Teresa R.
Really good speaker, good presentation and good material
- Joseph Wesley D.
very well presented
- Allan H.
- Ramon V.
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