The Body & Soul of Business Valuation, Part I: Infrastructure of Valuation Reviews

Great comparisons to demonstrate the concept.
- Harry J N.
Excellent ! what a brilliant and beautiful man... I understood some complex concepts for the first time !
Outstanding presentation by an inspired, passionate presenter.
- David P.
Very well done. Use of story-based examples was excellent and the two-camera production for this kind of lecture was effective and unusual.
- Greg G.
- Robert P.
Great comparisons to demonstrate the concept.
- Jonathan H.
really liked the examples and the math behind the theory...
- James L.
I like the outside examples to keep what could be a dry topic interesting but they went on just a bit too long. (Reminded me of the intercessions on "Family Guy")
- Sylvia L.
Very informative. The commentary on spirituality was an unexpected bonus.
- Howard R.
- Eric M.
very interesting presentation
This pressentation is a remarkably lucid and informative seminar and deserves the highes possible rating. It was for me an extrordiary learning experience.
- gary s.
Great physical demonstration!
- Ryan C.
This was the most innovative and informative course I have ever taken. Unique teaching methods that really drive the point home. Fantastic.
- Tracey M S.
- Damon X.
The course covered professional content that I have not recently utilized, but that I need to become more competent to understand. Instructor Abrams was most interesting. But his general universality actually helped me to grasp some complicated business principles. Thanks.
- Wilma J.
Very knowledgeable and made a complicated subject understandable.
- Christina W.
over my head
- Hollie E.
More entertaining than most CLE's. Good analogies. I will look this guy up if I ever need a valuation expert.
- Todd M.
What an amazing instructor! He uses so many different analogies across so many different industries and areas of knowledge - metaphysics, Judaism, Hebrew, karate - you name it! It can be a difficult and complex subject and his metaphors were very helpful. This interdisciplinary approach makes what I thought would be a relatively flat and unidimensional topic incredibly fascinating!
- Lisa P.
Incredibly interesting and I am a math dunce. this presenter is humanistic and erudite. personable and professional. This man is awesome.
- John L.
Excellent presentation
- Laljeebhai P.
A good foundation for the quantitative analysis required for valuation.
- Craig B.
I found the use of physical techniques/demonstrations and breathing exercises to be an interesting way to discuss the issue of valuation.
- Cameron S.
Jay Abrams is great. Excellent lecture.
- Anthony Z.
This is a very interesting presentation of a complex and potentially dry topic. I like his physical explanations but would have liked even more such examples to make the materials understandable.
- Shirley S.
Loved the talmudic references. Speak about what you know; what you're passionate about. And you'll be certain to share your passion with others. Great job!
- Jonathan S.
interesting presentation of material depicting all tools available for analysis
- Michael S.
I considered going to rabbinical school and rejected it. This course is supposed to be about the California law, not the Talmud. Nor do I have use for psychobabble.
- Michael P.
Excellent, thoughtful and well-articulated concepts of the art and science of valuations. I deeply appreciated the historical roots of the philosophy behind the idea of value. Such a brilliant professor - he delivers a difficult topic in an erudite and clear manner. Time well spent.
- Marguerite R.
He definitely keeps his material interesting with different camera angles and multiple visuals.
- Spencer S.
This is your best speaker, by far
- Andre V.
- Rodney T.
I did not care for the teaching method. The presentation was difficult to follow because of the continual references to the slides. I
- Michelle S.
very very interesting. I learned quite a bit.
- Kevin D.
Loved this presenter - will definitely watch other presentations.
- Lori V.
Excellent, very thorough
- Roger S.
- Nicholas K.
Great program Thanks
- de wayne s.
- Stuart S.
very creative approach-extremely informative
- Bruce D S.
rare character, but full of knowledge; I could see he is brilliant
- Randolph N.
Extremely high quality presentation....and I even learned some Talmudic law.
- Victoria V.
This is the best CLE program I have viewed in terms of presenting a difficult topic with easy to understand metaphors and actual examples.
- Karl D.
Erudite, entertaining, and informative. Excellent instructor overall.
- Athanasios S.
Quite boring and "over my head" mathematically. I had trouble with this type of math in college. . .that's why I went to Law School!
- Dean S.
Refreshing and invigorating for a topic that could be dreadfully boring. Fascinating person with a spiritual and philosophical dimension that made the course intriguing.
- timothy h.
interesting, novel presentation
- Stephen G.
Part I: Hour 1 was superior to Hour 2, overall worth the viewing. Well done, Rabbi!
- Mark Hampton P.
Best one yet!
- Ashley M.
Important information about the engagement of a valuation expert
- Janis W.
This speaker is very sharp. Very engaging presentation.
- Andrew G.
strange approach but engaging.
- manuel m.
very interesting dude
- Matthew P.
Kol Ha Kavod. Excellent and interesting!
- Richard S.
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