The Body & Soul of Business Valuation, Part I: Infrastructure of Valuation

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The Body & Soul of Business Valuation, Part I: Infrastructure of Valuation
The Body & Soul of Business Valuation, Part I: Infrastructure of Valuation

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Course Description

A satisfactory result for you client often hinges on a proper valuation. As an attorney working with and against valuation experts, you must have a good working knowledge of how accurate valuations are conducted and what the best practices are.

In this series, author and valuations expert Jay Abrams gives attorneys a primer in valuation methods. Part I, which covers the infrastructure of valuation, consists of the following topics:

1. Premise of Value - the assumptions underlying the valuation.
2. Standards of Value — current and ancient standards of value.
3. Valuation Approaches - The three valuation approaches in business valuation are the asset approach, the income approach, and the market approach.
4. Digital Qualities - various digital (or binary) qualities that relate components of value and standards of value to human psychology
5. Elements of an Engagement Letter
6. Regression Analysis— an important, all-pervasive statistical tool that sophisticated appraisers can use in many phases of the valuation process.

Length: 2hrs 1min

Member Reviews

Great comparisons to demonstrate the concept.
- Harry J Nicolay J.
Excellent ! what a brilliant and beautiful man... I understood some complex concepts for the first time !
Outstanding presentation by an inspired, passionate presenter.
- David P.
Very well done. Use of story-based examples was excellent and the two-camera production for this kind of lecture was effective and unusual.
- Greg G.
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Meet the Lecturer(s)

Jay Abrams

Jay B. Abrams, ASA, CPA, MBA, is the founder of Abrams Valuation Group, Inc. (AVGI). He has valued businesses and consulted on mergers and acquisitions in a wide range of industries, provided valuations and discounts for fractional interests and restricted stock, and conducted independent statistical and mathematical research regarding problems facing businesses. During his 25 years of accounting and valuation experience, he has made, and continues to make, significant contributions to the science of valuing businesses. Mr. Abrams has published two books on the topic: Quantitative Business Valuation: A Mathematical Approach For Today's Professionals (McGraw-Hill, 2001); and How to Value Your Business and Increase Its Potential (McGraw-Hill, 2005). Additionally, Mr. Abrams is a frequent lecturer and has made significant contributions to the most prestigious valuation journals, including Business Valuation Review, The Valuation Examiner, Valuation, and The Practical Accountant.

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