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Justice for Trafficking Victims in the United States Reviews

Very interesting, especially the case law.
- Bette R.
Fantastic in all respects, especially Ms Vandenberg's presentation.
- bryan h.
Very knowledgable speaker, lots of real world applicability.
- Keshet S.
Extremely informative and well done!!!
- Sara R.
Outstanding and compelling presentation!
- Sharon R.
The instructor gave an excellent lecture on this topic.
- Serina R.
- Gregg S.
Fantastic and inspiring overview of important work
- Juliet O.
Excellent presenter!
- Kristen F.
very compelling presentation
- Mark P.
Very impressive.
- Richard R.
This was really, really good.
- Kathryn T.
This Course was excellent as far as the amount of information covered and the quality of the information.
- Paula L.
Great slides and good use of case law.
- Nick W.
Well presented expose on human trafficking for sexual and labor exploitation. The big takeaway is how few cases have been brought against these human traffickers. There was really no cogent or compelling explanation presented to address this gap between crimes and prosecutions. Overall, a very sad picture of a very serious problem highlighting the impotency of a legal solution. Another approach is needed but the presenter did not address this obvious derivative of the data presented. Something more needs to be done. What is it?
- Jim D.
This presentation is exceptionally done to give a clear and detailed orientation to any attorney interested in helping the victims of human trafficking.
- Rachel R.
Excellent presentation.
- Debra L.
Presenter is very informative and knowledgeable.
- Rogelio P.
This is the best course I have watched on LexVid so far. Instructor was extremely knowledgeable, engaging, and concise. Thank you!
- Matthew M.
Great CLE!
- Sara P.
- susan y.
Excellent presenter with strong knowledge of the subject matter.
- Tammi E.
Very interesting subject. This is a topic that should be offered more often.
- Steve S.
Cool on a very important subject! Great Vocational Mission!!!
- Angel D.
Both very interesting and informative
- Belinda W.
Excellent summary of an interesting and important body of law.
- Emily O.
- Sarah K.
Well presented and easy to listen to throughout the hour.
- Donald L.
A very detailed and interesting look at an area of law not often discussed from an issue that still remains rather under the radar.
- Lisa B.
Excellent topic, I wish there were more like this out there.
- Kacey M.
- Alissa A.
Very compelling in-depth review of human trafficking legal issues. Highly recommend.
- Marianne R.
- Roberta R.
Outstanding presentation.
- david r.
The presenter was very knowledgeable and easy to listen to
- Rebecca G.
Excellent informative survey of the salient issues relating to the international scourge that is human trafficking.
- Michael R.
Fascinating and important topic.
- Karen R.
really good I thought the visual aids were great.
- Suzanne S.
Very insightful and educational. Thanks!
- Jinnhua S.
One of the best CLE courses I have taken with regard to both presentation and content.
- Craig B.
Hard to follow the written material when speaker was discussing particular cases. Otherwise, presenter was knowledgeable and thorough.
- Vivian T.
Very interesting subject.
- Linda S.
By far the best one!
- Lindsay N.
Ms Vandenberg is a very engaging speaker and presents the materials in a compelling way that is also easy to follow.
- Shirley S.
A sobering and highly informative presentation.
- Cynthia S.
Outstanding presentation. I learned much about the topic.
- Evelyn S.
Great job.
- Thomas P.
Very informative. It tempts me to do some pro bono work in this area. Clearly the presenter is well-versed in this area.
- Mary S.
Extremely interesting!!!!
- Wanda S.
Excellent introduction to this area of the law. Clear presentation. Appreciated the references/contacts provided.
- Catherine V.
Extremely informative. Useful information.
- Mark A.
Really interesting topic - very thorough discussion. Excellent speaker!
- Melissa M.
Great information
- Garrick F.
Very useful and practical guidance on legal issues relating to trafficking and trends in prosecution.
- Rebecca S.
One of the best MCLE on this site- it is interesting with case examples and good resources of how to do pro bono work in this area.
- Kavita T.
Enlightening and very well presented. It heightened my awareness and understanding of this grim process.
- Arthur W.
helpful to update me on this current topic ........John Z
- John Z.
Excellent presentation!
- Roger W.
Excellent presentation of harrowing area - the legal obstacles and potential redress
- Michael S.
Compelling and informative presentation. One of the best programs I've seen so far.
- Jennifer B.
Excellent! I learned so much!
- Nedra R.
Excellent presentation of an important area of law.
- Lisa Dawn S.
Important topic. Excellent presentation. Hard to believe we still need to refer to the 13th Amendment in the 21st Century, but obviously we do.
- Jonathan S.
The best online legal class that I have taken!
- Alan B.
Very good presentation. Would have liked the course materials to include some of the materials she referenced in the video through other sites.
- Mark K.
good course
- Jane K.
Unbelievable that it exists in America
- James D.
Remarkable presentation. I am a retired Asst. DA but even with that background was amazed by the numbers of victims who are out there, and how few cases have been brought on their behaves.
- Hans U.
Great information.
- Joy K.
Exceeded my expectations and gave a very comprehensive overview on human trafficking occurrence and prosecution. A technical issue with this presentation was that the slides did not follow the speaker after the midpoint.
- Janis W.
I greatly appreciated the overview of trafficking as well as practical opportunities for attorneys to get involved in a pro bono capacity.
- Eleanor W.
Very informative!
- Melissa S.
The information was invaluable and broaden my perceptions of human trafficking. This should be a required class in universities.
- Brenda A.
Exceptional presentation. Well structured. Provided useful information.
- richard z.
Very informative
- Kelly T.
An important topic for everyone.
- Scarlette L.
It would benefit this to have captions for people who cant hear as well.
- Arnulfo O.
- Patrick S.
- Nancy Lee W.
Extremely through coverage of the subject and very interesting and informative.
- Larry S.
very well done and a special person doing this work
- gilbert p.
excellent presentation
- Barbara E.
The video was interesting and engaging.
- Alyssa H.
Very nice presentation. Appreciated the fact that it went beyond prostitution to the larger issue of forced labor.
- Douglas O.
- Louise B.
Very informative
- George G.
Great course.
- Teresa V.
Excellent program!
- Jill T.
I was worried she wouldn't get to nuts and bolts examples. Boy, was I mistaken. It was a powerful mix of substance and practicality that obviously stemmed from extensive experience. I even emailed the instructor because I want to know more.
- Julie M.
- Lindsay H.
I would recommend this CLE to others.
- Marquis O.
Informative and Eye opening
- Julie T.
Great, informative, professional
- Julianne T.
Well done!
- Jennifer Theresa Cloyd K.
Very Informative and important topic.
- Jana H.
Very interesting.
- Jeri M.
- D C Jim D.
eminently professional and informative
- John M.
Instructor especially good speaker.
- Jane K.
Excellent presentation and loaded with resources
- Jerry L.
Legal and personally enlightening.
- Theresa C.
Stellar speaker, stellar content; stellar cause!
- Jean P.
This was presented in an informative, logical and interesting manor. Best course I've taken here so far.
- Linda T.
- Jared K.
thank you for an excellent program
- Stephanie L.
Great Presentation
- Hillary J.
Excellent. Critical.
- Juan A.
Very informative presentation on an important and often overlooked issue.
- Claire G.
Excellent and interesting!!
- richard d.
very informative great presentation.
- lori f.
Excellent presentation. Extremely informative and organized.
- Jeremy C.
Excellent treatment of the subject matter
- Marcella L.
I found this CLE to be really informative. I work in Criminal Law and have only encountered one of these cases with a client who could not afford to hire me. I thought the case would have been interesting to take on, but it didn't happen. Should a similar matter come again, I'll be a lot more knowledgeable. Thank you.
- Damian S.
The most informative course I have viewed in the past 10 years.
- Tamara F.
Interesting subject matter. More international law courses should be offered.
- Samuel K.
This is a course that should be seen by any attorney interested in human rights.
- Georganne C.
Very sad but also very interesting and educational.
- Amanda E.
- Michael O.
Very insightful overview of a very important topic.
- Kevin C.
This was an extremely interesting video.
- Daniel H.
exelloent exposition
- shahim e.
I like the program and was interested in the information provided. I may chose to do some pro bono in the area.
- David A.
Very interesting and important topic! Thank you I learned a lot!
- Amy K.
Very interesting and well presented.
- Tracy C.
Importance of the topic was underscored by the extraordinary communicative skills of the instructor.
- Kevin M.
This was remarkably interesting. I liked having the materials as PDFs - so much easier to store and reuse than paper! I was interested by the speaker's hints that there was a need for more T-Visa attorneys and might have liked some thoughts on how to expand my practice in that direction. Is there an association to contact perhaps?
- Randy W.
It was simply eye-awakening. I was watching it at home, describing it to my roommate, and found myself questioning and answering my existence and purpose in life. Thank you
- Brianna A.
Very informative.
- Tanya B.
Learned alot
- Rama B.
Great info
- Kathryn D.
This was the most interesting CLE course I've ever taken! Bravo.
- Katherine N.
Excellent overview and well researched.
- Odette W.
Very knowledgeable instructor; excellent overview of Trafficking crimes.
- Mary L.
Especially good for new exposure.
- Patrick L.
I usually hate these online classes as they can be excruciatingly dry. This was excellent-- the presenter showed mastery of the subject, the session was comprehensive and the information was very helpful. Well done.
- Kimberly B.
Extremely well presented by legally and technically.
- Michael M.
Very informative.
- Angela P.
I really felt that this course was very well done. I have never worked in this area of concern.
- Jackie G.
Very good course- great speaker
- Nathan D.
very interesting topic!
- Jerri G.
Very interesting program in an area that I was very little knowledge.
- Janet F.
The presenter was excellent
- Kimberly M.
Good presentation.
- Dave K.
Very good presentation...informative!
- Guillermo d.
Absolutely outstanding. Thanks for providing this informative and important update on a major social justice issue.
- Michele C.
Outstanding presentation.
- Chad B.
Very well done!
- Timothy W.
I was so ignorant to this topic and am grateful you offered it at no charge.
- Kelly E.
Simply fabulous - highly professional and educational. Thank you.
- William H.
Very interesting topic which was outside of my normal practice. I found it to raise some ideas that I had not thought of previously about the rights of victims and what laws are available to help them.
- Cheryl D.
Excellent introduction to pro bono representation of trafficking victims.
- Mason G.
Very well organized and informative.
- Eileen D.
Excellent! Interesting that Civil Damages are available.
- Matthew N.
Excellent presentation in every respect.
- Mary F.
terrific program... would be interested in this from an international shipping perspective...
- Ella D.
Excellent and relevant, my state is one of the top four places for human trafficking of labor.
- Loretta C.
Interesting subject, but a bit too much statistical compilation
- llona P.
Very good presentation!
- Nora E.
The quality of the content of this CLE was incredible. I was pleasantly surprised by the presenter's knowledge and presentation.
- Tina L.
A very interesting program; presently was beautifully prepared and effective in conveying content.
- Amber P.
This lady is really good at this. 2nd career for her" professor.
- Guy M.
Absolutely fascinating, I was just stunned to hear how widespread is the problem.
- Michael S.
Learned a new type of law, thank you
- Chase G.
Very thorough and well presented!
- Sarah B.
Very informative and allied to some of the pro bono that my firm already handles.
- Susan M.
Very good information and presentation on an important issue.
- Cameil Rainford B.
Very good speaker~!!
- Dina D.
A very helpful and informative primer on trafficking. The instructor is clearly not just knowledgeable but passionate about her work.
- Aileen B.
Very informative!!!
- lekecia u.
Excellent CLE.
- Patricia R.
Interesting subject matter!
- Kelley S.
One of the best presenters in the VOD CLE environment!
- Clifford James Robert v.
Fascinating course, compellingly presented.
- Matthew D.
My goodness, my heart goes out to these victims. This was a very informative presentation and a great avenue for lawyers to devote pro bono hours to and give back to others.
- Samantha F.
High quality info. Saddening topic.
- Michael M.
Really enjoyed the presenter.
- Sharon C.
Excellent content and presentation of an important legal topic. Thank you.
- David T.
Very informative and well done.
- Frank T.
Extremely informative and well done presentation!
- Marina D.
Excellent and inspiring presentation!
- Lee B.
Thank you Lexvid for raising awareness in this often misunderstood, and disgracefully underserved, area of law. I hope this presentation will inspire more attorneys to take on trafficking cases.
- Brian N.
Excellent course and well presented.
- Francis S.
This presenter was extraordinary. The course was fascinating, well-organized, and compelling.
- Amy K P.
Very impressive intsructor
- Willem N.
- thomas m.
The presenter was knowledgeable and presented all of the information well.
- Melissa B.
A great job!
- Barry B.
Interesting material - comprehensive review.
- Lionel J C.
Very informative. Excellent speaker - knowledgeable and articulate.
- Jean W.
Very well done. Best course I've seen so far.
- Paul M.
Top notch presentation
- David K.
Very informative and well delivered program.
- Paul V. S.
Excellent information on a heartbreaking topic.
- Paulomi R.
- Scott D.
Excellent speaker and presentation!
- Leslie D.
Excellent presenter!
- Terry B.
Very interesting, packed with meaningful, relevant content
- Kay Gunderson R.
Very thorough, professional treatment of a difficult subject.
- Jan H.
Presentation is informative and well organized; presesnter clearly demonstrates considerable experience and passion regarding the subject matter...
- Fred L.
- Eugene L.
This was a very impressive and informative presentation. I hope many attorneys are made aware of the scope of this problem and are motivated to represent victims of trafficking pro bono.
- Fredericka S.
Good Course. Interesting. Good Speaker.
- Giselle A.
Outstanding presentation.
- Michael K.
- Rebecca B.
Excellent course! Very enlightening.
- Steven M.
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