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Government Investigations: Dealing with Criminal Investigations

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Course Description

Learn how to effectively handle and avoid criminal investigations against your business clients with this two-part program.

Part 1 - When The Feds Knock On Your Door: In-house counsel should not be caught flat-footed when the government commences a criminal investigation into a company's business. An effective response can help achieve a favorable result for the client and its officers, directors and employees, as well as for the in-house lawyer. Hear about examples from real-world corporate criminal investigations.

Part 2 - Dealing With Disaster: How To Make Sure The Government Doesn't Destroy Your Case: Following a catastrophic event, the feds are heading your way. They are not coming to help you. The government's agenda may be different from yours, and its findings of fact can be admissible in evidence. Suggested proactive approaches to reduce collateral damage from the investigation and lessen the likelihood of becoming a target. And, when the worst happens, how to keep the government's report away from the jury.

This program was produced in conjunction with the Network of Trial Law Firms, Inc.

Length: 38min

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