Gambling: The "Secret" Addiction

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Gambling: The "Secret" Addiction
Gambling: The "Secret" Addiction

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Course Description

Gambling disorder has only recently been recognized by the DSM-V as an addictive disorder. This addiction has a high co-morbidity rate as well as the highest rate of suicidal ideation among all types of addiction. These issues have only exacerbated during the rise of legal gambling in the U.S. and the Covid-19 pandemic. This addiction can be especially problematic for lawyers, who already suffer disproportionate rates of mental and addictive disorders. This program will dive into gambling addiction, including its warning signs, risks, co-morbidities, related ethical issues, and the toll it can take on the legal profession.

Length: 1hr 1min

Member Reviews

Wow. Fantastic. Moving. Thank you for doing this video!
- Jerome C.
Authentic, impassioned program. I hope addicts are listening, or people who know someone who needs help.
- Marilyn M.
Fantastic and very helpful.
- John G.
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Meet the Lecturer(s)

Brian Quinn

Brian S. Quinn, Esquire is a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania who currently serves as the Education and Outreach Coordinator for Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of Pennsylvania, Inc., a Lawyers Assistance Program established in 1988 for the purpose of helping lawyers, judges and law students recover from alcoholism, drug addiction and mental health disorders. Mr. Quinn obtained his undergraduate degree in 1970, his law degree in 1973 and a certificate in Drug and Alcohol counselling in 2012, from Villanova University. Prior to working for Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, he was a sole practitioner for nearly 40 years and has also worked in the field of Alcohol and Drug Counseling at Mirmont Treatment Center and Malvern Institute in suburban Philadelphia. Mr. Quinn is a past member of the Board of Directors of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of Pennsylvania and served as a peer volunteer for over six years prior to accepting his current role as the organization's Educator.

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